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PTX Problems   by Car-nez
PTX Problems by [>•<]
The struggles of being a PENTAHOLIC I kinda saw this on line and copied it but ya Enjoy!
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Scomiche Oneshots by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
A cute collection of Scomiche stories :) This is book 1! Read this one first to understand book 2! Scott and Mitch are happily married! They have three handsome sons...
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Scomiche Oneshots 3  by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshots 3 by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
The third book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out book one and book two to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are a happily married gay couple. They lo...
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Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Fangirl by feminenemy22
Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Lauren
Mitch was a fan way before he got the job. Can he balance friendship with fandom? Can he remain professional without revealing his inner fangirl? Is that even possible?
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Objects Of Devotion (Scömìche) by Ehcimocs
Objects Of Devotion (Scömìche)by Ehcimocs
NEW STORY: A homage to Isaac Asimov's robot stories with a Scömìche twist ---- Everything about today has Agent Scott Hoying supremely unsettled. And it's barely even st...
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Yellow by whatidk_
Yellowby whatidk_
Yellow was Mitch's favorite color before he was taken. - Loosely based on the movie, "Room"
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Unconditionally  by avm2103
Unconditionally by avm2103
Scomiche AU "I told you Scott, you're stuck with me. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Unconditionally, babe." "Unconditionally?" Scott...
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Scomiche -- Twisted Journey by SammyDAdams
Scomiche -- Twisted Journeyby ~D~
Moving On Series, Book 2 Scott and Mitch are finally together. Can they navigate the challenges and changes that come their way?
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Scomiche Oneshots 2 by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshots 2by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
The second book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out the first book to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are happily married, making music for their Gra...
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truce // scomiche  by isllandsofviolence
truce // scomiche by lucille
In which Scott and Mitch have been best friends for almost 20 years; growing up on the same street, spending every Thanksgiving with each other, but they've both come ou...
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Scatterbrained. - (Scomiche) One-shots & Mini Stories by feminenemy22
Scatterbrained. - (Scomiche) Lauren
Collection of my random ideas and short stories
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Scent of Love (Scomiche fanfiction) by kelsung
Scent of Love (Scomiche fanfiction)by kells
Mitch has a superior olfactory sense and a good memory for scents. There is however one scent that he simultaneously craves and wants to forget, the scent of a boy he us...
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Reconnection ~ (Scömìche)  by misbehavinmitchy
Reconnection ~ (Scömìche) by misbehavinmitchy
When Mitch reconnects with his high school best friend Scott, who is now a super famous Grammy award winning singer, he realises how much he's changed in those five long...
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We Protect Each Other by youtubes_my_oxygen
We Protect Each Otherby youtubes_my_oxygen
When Scott finds a scared boy in the crawl space that everyone knows Scott had already claimed as his own on the streets, he finds himself not screaming at the boy to ge...
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Him. {Scomiche} by feminenemy22
Him. {Scomiche}by Lauren
He's captivating, I was enraptured from the moment I first set eyes on him. Never did I dream that he'd even spare me a glance, let alone a second or third. I've always...
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Colors by ptxbyers
Colorsby its been fun
Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about what it would be like if everyone lived together, to see blues and reds and yellows and greens all crossing together and meeti...
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Quiet & Riot (Scomiche) by QueenTellTales
Quiet & Riot (Scomiche)by [QueenTellTales]
They say opposites attract, so what happens when innocent, introverted and homeschooled Mitch Grassi, who dreams of being in show choir, clashes with Martin High's popul...
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Jealous (discontinued)  by ptxfans4life
Jealous (discontinued) by Shawna and Emilee
Scott and Mitch are currently in a relationship and are very happy. Today is their last show of tour. Mitch was talking to one of the fans, and was flirting with him, ma...
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The Story of Scömìche Part 3 (Completed) by Pentaholicfruitler
The Story of Scömìche Part 3 ( Annie
Scott was happy. He thought he had his life figured out, until he made a decision that changed it in a way he never expected.
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Scott? by lovethe_mishyboy
Scott?by lovethe_mishyboy
Scott Hoying has been dead for 3 years. Mitch Grassi has had major trouble of letting his husband go. He has started some bad habits and his best friends have been tryin...
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