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Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic) by rookiewriter4
Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic)by Rookiewriter4
Woollim decides to have an audition and makes Infinite the judges. Infinite announces that if anyone wants to audition, they must send a video of themselves singing. Onc...
  • sungyeol
  • hoya
  • myungsoo
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My 1st Class Jerk Husband - Jungkook × You [ BTS ]  by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband - 🌟ASKA🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
  • jikook
  • sehun
  • love
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DISCIPLINE  by Topwoogyu
DISCIPLINE by Topwoogyu
Description: Kim Sunggyu, the student-teacher that needs to pass this semester with great marks and graduate from college. His goal is to learn from his seniors as much...
  • sunggyu
  • fanfic
  • school
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Heart Attack! | WooGyu by cinnamarbean
Heart Attack! | WooGyuby CinnaMarbean
Love at first sight. That was what Sunggyu felt when his eyes first set on Woohyun. He couldn't believe that he would fall for someone who he just saw for the first time...
  • fluff
  • sunggyuxwoohyun
  • boyxboy
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Чи Хөөрхөн (Completed) by Eunri_kimmmm
Чи Хөөрхөн (Completed)by ĞLoryFanfiç
2 охин нэг өдөр #ОддынСургууль гэх алдартнуудын сургуульд шилжиж ирснээр тэдний хайр дурлал мөрөөдлийн эхлэл тавигдана.
  • jungkook
  • сунгюү
  • star
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Trapped in a K-Drama by MelodyThio
Trapped in a K-Dramaby Melody Thio
Nam Eun Hee was an aspiring writer who watched K-Drama on a daily basis for inspiration. She criticized how the stories were very similar in terms of predictable plots a...
  • infinite
  • entertainment
  • korean
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INFINITE Imagines [CLOSED] by _KittyBunny_
INFINITE Imagines [CLOSED]by Deeyan
It's all about INFINITE imagines for INSPIRIT~
  • myungsoo
  • hoya
  • woohyun
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Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction] by ChinggyuSpirit
Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction]by Chingu.Gyu357
Kim Sunggyu, Infinite's leader went missing after Concert's party one night. After 2 weeks, Kim Sunggyu return to Woollim with a girl by his side. But, Kim Sunggyu's ret...
  • sunggyu
  • kimsunggyu
  • hoya
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Infinite Imagines by Exotics_Forever
Infinite Imaginesby Exotics_Forever
  • woohyun
  • fanfiction
  • sunggyu
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Marriage before love (Infinite Myungsoo fanfic) by kanghira
Marriage before love (Infinite Kang Hira
Kwon Shihae is an 20 years old girl trapped between his father wish and her own desire. She wants to continue her dream to be a fashion designer but her father wants her...
  • woohyun
  • hoya
  • kimmyungsoo
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Comeback again, and I'll be yours [Sunggyu fanfic ] by inspirit830309
Comeback again, and I'll be infinite_fanfic
Yun-hae has been the guitarist in the rock band where Sunggyu was the vocalist in high school. They had been really close friends, both having feelings for each other. H...
  • love
  • inspirit
  • sunggyu
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Would You Like To Come Over To Me? by akiraita18
Would You Like To Come Over To Me?by 김서니
How life of Kim Hyunji turns out when she runs away from home to escape from her mother's chains, but she ends up in the hands of thugs as soon as she leaves home? Will...
  • parkhyungsik
  • kimsohyun
  • hyungsik
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My Lost Phone Found Me Love [Infinite Fanfic] by Alandria6
My Lost Phone Found Me Love [ Alandria6
Who wouldn't love to find an idol's phone? When Sunggyu loses his phone at the airport his manager orders him to find it, but what he found was more than he expected. #C...
  • sunggyu
  • ckficsawards2018
  • infinite
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Cocky Couple  by Lee_Sungyeol_Sooyeon
Cocky Couple by 이수연
'Give respect and take respect' is the well known common phrase among people and also the same goes with Lee Sungyeol until he met her. She was a type of girl who had a...
  • minho
  • taemin
  • onew
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Special Division Infinite: Reborn by MissPanda16
Special Division Infinite: Rebornby MissPanda16
La Special Division Infinite est une unité d'élite de la police sud-coréenne. Suite à la bataille fatidique contre la fameuse organisation criminelle The Movement mené...
  • sungjong
  • sunggyu
  • sungyeol
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Heartbeat by DaydreamL
Heartbeatby Rick
Durante la escuela secundaria SungYeol fue salvado por una chica, al no conocer su nombre ha crecido con la idea de que aquella chica es un ángel. Años después el destin...
  • babysoul
  • lovelyz
  • sungjong
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The Legendary Mafia Heiress Pretend To Be A Nerd (ON-GOING) by 21Kaithfullieexx
The Legendary Mafia Heiress Faith Elaiza
Sa pagpapanggap niya bilang NERD. Paano kung may makaalam sa kanyang identity? Anong gagawin niya? Paano kung malaman nya na inutos lang SIYA para patayin siya? Paano k...
  • sunggyu
  • teenfiction
  • action
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Spring Love (Woohyun Fanfiction) by yoontae_kim
Spring Love (Woohyun Fanfiction)by YouAreMyTae
Ahn Hara is Inspirit. She meets Infinite and become friend with them. More than that, she starts a relationship with Woohyun. Read and see their love story. If you like...
  • inspirit
  • sungyeol
  • sungjong
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It's Me by Helowine
It's Meby Helowine
Semenjak bertemu dengannya hidupku jadi lebih berwarna. Dia membuat hari-hariku yang biasa menjadi luar biasa. Namun aku merasakan jika kami dulu pernah sangat dekat, ta...
  • chanyeol
  • eunji
  • sunggyu
INFINITE (인피니트) BOOK 2by fion ♡
Infinite is a seven-member South Korean pop boy band, formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment. The group comprises 7 members; Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol...
  • jong
  • sungjong
  • gyu
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