Sundae Stories

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The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay by Jessabellx
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebayby Jess
Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her mansion o...
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
Servers by mintydarkchocolate
Serversby 💚🍫
Story completed on November 18, 2020 Set in the flip verse, Papa Louie hired 13 servers for his restaurants. All from different cities, different lifestyles, and differe...
[ON HOLD] Vizion Division by Woodengirlygamergirl
[ON HOLD] Vizion Divisionby [insert Mii Channel]
Riddle Elementary School becomes subject to another drawing trend. Just one day after partaking in the trend, Smiley Sundae discovers something off about it. She now ded...
LOVE SCENERY (On- going)  by bellatrixade
LOVE SCENERY (On- going) by Stefany Rose
Ang buhay ay parang pagsilay at paglubog ng araw, ika nga nila. Ito ay sumisimbulo sa pagbagsak at muling pagbangon ng isang tao. Ngunit paano kung magbago ang lahat sa...
The Seventh Prince by SundaesonMondays
The Seventh Princeby Sundaes on Mondays
The island of Ostaria has been divided for decades. When King Samson and Queen Isabelle of West Ostaria and King Henry and Queen Rachel of East Ostaria finally unite the...
The Wacky Adventures of the Doctor by N0RTHWIND
The Wacky Adventures of the Doctorby N0RTHWIND
This is a rewrite of Ronald McDonald's wacky adventure, but where Ronald is really the Doctor, but he's black and has some serious emotional issues. - - - - Also! This i...
Cherry by _Daddytaehyung
Cherryby _Daddytaehyung
This is about a Cherry on a Sundae lets explore the adventure of the Cherry and Sundae.
Ice Cream Kisses by icecream_sundaes
Ice Cream Kissesby Sundae
When looking for "the one and only", you want someone who is as closely compatible as possible. For Sundae, the only love she has is her obsessions with ice c...
Sally Sundae by Sarah_Lake13
Sally Sundaeby Sarah July Lake
Sally Sundae's backstory
Sundae Mornings by strictlyspeaking
Sundae Morningsby ❊ carmen ❊
The short tale of what happens when Daphne the church going good girl meets Collin the church vandalising bad boy . [coming summer 2025]
Remembering Sundae  by KylanlovesHeIsWe
Remembering Sundae by Kylan
Sundae "Sunny" Hopkins has just awoken in the hospital. He doesn't remember what happened, all he knows is his head hurts like hell and some guy, conveniently...
To Eat Ice Cream (with a boy) by LadyPyromancer
To Eat Ice Cream (with a boy)by LadyPyromancer
Madelyn didn't really care about her social life. She helped her parents at their family's ice cream parlour and life was happy as it is for her. But once the new boy at...
The Pool Party by gugr12
The Pool Partyby GG
Danielle just got her pool set up and she wanted a pool party for a long time, but they never had a pool if their own. Now she could. After asking her parents and saying...
Bully Inluv by augustinedonio
Bully Inluvby augustinedonio
a love story that make the person change because of love😆
Falling For Sundae by malfoyjneen
Falling For Sundaeby janeen epril
She was his mystery girl. The girl who never missed her sundae routine. He was okay watching her from behind the counter.. But Nathaniel Santos is definitely falling...