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The Naval District Has Been Summoned to Another World. Starting Deployment by KageNishi
The Naval District Has Been KageNishi
In order to save a world in danger of destruction, the gods performed a summoning. However, due to their lack of power, they were unable to summon an entire country. As...
Summoning Indonesia Empire by boya-kun
Summoning Indonesia Empireby boya-kun
Without Japan's intervention, Louria Kingdom successfully conquers Qua-Toyne Principality and Quila Kingdom. The surviving civilians of both nations evacuate to islands...
Summoning Italy by catcatsu
Summoning Italyby catcatsu
After a mysterious aurora borealis descended upon the Italian Peninsula, Italy and its two micro nation neighbours find themselves in a mysterious and hostile world. Los...
Summoning the Cold Rivalry by PanzerSchmuck
Summoning the Cold Rivalryby PanzerSchmuck
13 June 1987. Tension started to ease between the USSR and the United States; everything was going smoothly until a flash of lights engulfed the two countries. They find...
Summoning Equestria  by Nicielunar
Summoning Equestria by Nicielunar
It was actually supposed to be a normal day as Celestia raised her sun and Luna lowered her moon, until a blinding flash of light engulf all of Equestria and Crystal Emp...
Summoning Japan: Flights of the Fancy by KageNishi
Summoning Japan: Flights of the KageNishi
That day, iron and blood rained down on the Folk Strait... This is a fanfiction of Minorou-sensei's "Summoning Japan," a hypothetical scenario of what if there...
Summoning The Terran Federal Republic by Anonymous55550
Summoning The Terran Federal Anonymous Writer
The Eagle faltered as the world around it turned to Nuclear Ash. However, it would fly again. This time it would not go down. The Terran Federal Republic is the most pow...
One piece: Rise of a Transferred Nation by Marcus_Couffaine
One piece: Rise of a Transferred Marcus
After dying, a man is transferred with his siblings and given a mission in a fictional country, transported to another world. Their task? To live a good life of both rul...
GATE: Journey in the New World Vol I by Dom2040
GATE: Journey in the New World Dom2040
Following the demise of a great empire, the New World experienced temporary peace, but the cycle of fear and death continued until fate decided to intervene, and it beca...
The Second Gate and the other Japan by The_Japanese_empire
The Second Gate and the other Japanby japan imperi
The reconnaissance group led by Itami had just left the town of Rondel. Lelei was still learning to drive, but Itami had a strange feeling on the road. However, when the...
Greedy Player's Guide To Rule An Empire In A (Not) Game by MiesRoe
Greedy Player's Guide To Rule An MiesRoe
Magic and science were made to fight each other, but what if someone was able to combine both and create extraordinary technologies? Here in 'Civilizica', that is possib...
Summoning the Alliance of Free Nations by MtMcly6005
Summoning the Alliance of Free MtMcly6005
The president of the United republic's of America John T. Mcneely was doing what he usually did as the president of the U.R.A and current leader of the constitutionalist...
Wishful Thinking Summoning Japan by KageNishi
Wishful Thinking Summoning Japanby KageNishi
The World War II came to a close with the surrender of Japan, followed by the occupation period that marked the beginning of a shift in history. After the signing of the...
The Motherland In Another World | Summoning Soviet Union [UNDERGOING REWRITE] by ComradeMax45
The Motherland In Another World | ComradeMax45
What if it wasn't Japan that teleported to another world, but rather a certain superpower country on Earth. This country was once America's Cold War rival and collapsed...
Summoning Earth by EarthSummons_Author
Summoning Earthby Earth Shoukan Team
In 2023, an ordinary day on earth. Suddenly, the light covering the planet has opened a new era for the people of the globe, it seems that they will come into contact wi...
Summoning Freedom (Rewrite) (discontinued) by Freebrams
Summoning Freedom (Rewrite) ( Freebrams
(This story is a rewrite of my fanfic novel Summoning Freedom on my fanfiction account MGrex, where it will also be posted.) The year is 2040. After WWIII the world was...
Summoning the Terran Federation by AryanNaik8
Summoning the Terran Federationby A Nice Guy
Humanity in the 23st century has experienced not just WW3 but also the intergalactic war with the most advanced representatives (The Ravernal Empire)(Ravernal were almos...
Japan, Enemy of the New World by KageNishi
Japan, Enemy of the New Worldby KageNishi
What if Japan and Gra Valkas' locations of transference are swapped? PS: I did not write the fanfiction, this is a translation of the fic made by Sōsaku-ka ZERO rei (創作家...
Summoning in Another World:Osea/Japan by Type-10_MBT_MIT
Summoning in Another World:Osea/ 3Jlou_ Танкист_Type10
The author of the Light and Web novel "Summoning Japan", Minorou finds himself in a difficult situation: his fantasies turned out to be real when, while writin...
Summoning Japan: Orbital War by KageNishi
Summoning Japan: Orbital Warby KageNishi
Orbital War This work deals with space development on the new planet, as well as conflicts and political dramas occurring in orbit. *Includes buffs related to Japan, Ann...