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Summoner Book 4 : The Merge    -Fan Made- by JakubeWritesStuff
Summoner Book 4 : The Merge JakubeWritesStuff
This is a continuation of Taran Matharu's books everything is his idea I'm just making a new one. Go check out his book and follow him on twitter. @TaranMatharu
The Fallen For by avanicolly77
The Fallen Forby avanicolly77
Clara, an orphan at the Faro Academy , has a dark past and untold future. Her past is unknown even to her, and she is still trying to find herself in all of this. It alw...
The Guardian of Terra by reaperzinox
The Guardian of Terraby Tyler Lander
Follow the journey of Isaac, a young man who has lived tucked away in a small village his whole life. He recently in shock as he is chosen to be the next Guardian of Te...
The Summoner Guild (On Hold) by Vexitus
The Summoner Guild (On Hold)by Kaleb Keeton
Being the black sheep in a family of famous of adventurers, Kyle Grandell has attempted and failed to gain a class of his own so that he might follow in their footsteps...
Hacker In The Kingdom Walls by Tokkoyumi
Hacker In The Kingdom Wallsby Tokoyumi
I never really liked my world, it was full of broken promises and greed. But I did what I could to survive, until something else left me entirely speechless. A place whe...
Supreme Sorcerer  by joxhqt
Supreme Sorcerer by jj
In the world of martial arts and sorcery, power, deception, greed, insanity, cruelty and other aspects are awakened to some just to attain and achieve the powerful and h...
Kingdom of Cealdan: Isla's Demon by meytaker27
Kingdom of Cealdan: Isla's Demonby Calista Jade
Destined to be future Queen of Cealdan, young nobel daughter Isla faces a potential revolution. With the scroll to her dead brothers demon stolen, she stands no chance...
The Breakout of Arkney by cocoa_kofi
The Breakout of Arkneyby Cocoa & Velvet
**This is a book based off of a group roleplay. In the region of Arkney, magic has been used for the worst. Corruption has been bestowed upon certain people thirsty for...
Divided Summoners: A new story by _S_a_f_i_
Divided Summoners: A new storyby Saf
What happens when a knew gal desides to join Vocans academy and learn to be a summoner? Well that girl is you, Katherine Raleigh, said to be missing 13 years ago and no...
Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack (Mod Crystals) by tempiestrand
Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack ( Tempie Strand
Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack (Mod Crystals) Summoners War Lost Centuria Online Hack Features: Add Unlimited Crystals. to get Unlimited Crystals visit this link >...
The Powerful Summoner by user33598256
The Powerful Summonerby Calcifer Legend
Kieran Dark is a summoner who can summon strong and powerful beings. His favorite being to summon is Echo. He is half-human and half-demon. Because of his demon side, he...
I'm a Summoner...... Who Knew? by Taxed01
I'm a Summoner...... Who Knew?by Taxed01
Their was once a young boy with a normal life living his life on his parents farm in the countryside, at the young age of 15, he didn't have any education as his parents...
Summoners war randomness by marlenakittenlover
Summoners war randomnessby Bonnie & Jeff lover
Just some random summoners war stuff
The summoner(On hold) by 6745ddd25
The summoner(On hold)by Fluent in sarcasm
Have you ever known that we are not aware of our surroundings ? Most probably no because most of us do not know about summoners. Summary in the book I am not good with t...
The Summoner by Sir_Salty
The Summonerby Nope
(Warning: Violence) A young commoner in the kingdom of nominum named Kay lly summons a demon. He quickly gets swepet away to the Citidel to learn more about his mysterio...
The Queen by ExplicitPrince
The Queenby Markus
Demons are everywhere, waiting for the right time to attack their prey, wanting to rule over the universe. Every battle there is always a hero. It is a matter of choices...
War of Summoners Hack Gems Cheats by WarofSummonersHack
War of Summoners Hack Gems Cheatsby War of Summoners Hack
War of Summoners is gaining more popularity in this genre of games, for that reason, we decided to give a treat to our supporters by releasing a hack tool to gain free G...