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The legendary Pokémon trainer by mysticalsuicune
The legendary Pokémon trainerby mysticalsuicune
Hi Blue2 here. Alola finally it has been so long. *** Blue2 if you are reading this you better hide your identity before it to late as after a certain time your going to...
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The Human Created By Pokemon by AgentKansas632
The Human Created By Pokemonby Agent Kansas632
This is my first attempt at making a Pokemon fic, so sorry if it's bad Arceus makes a deal with Giratina and, with the help of Suicune, forms a human who is a descendant...
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Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Oblivia by CelticCutie
Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Obliviaby Hachi
My version of Pokemon: Guardian Signs. The difference between my version and canon? Their protagonist is silent, mine is everything but. Everything will be in Summer's...
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I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty Awards Winner 2K16~ by Alphanix
I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty S. Winter
***POKEMON WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2K16 IN MISC. SECOND PLACE*** Yveltal is gone. When a mysterious force starts taking legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon World is spiraled out...
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Ask or dare ships!  by pokmonGacha
Ask or dare ships! by Luna
ask or dare my ships. you can even request ships!
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Pokémon Starlight by DiamondXLIV
Pokémon Starlightby Aaron Weiner
Ren Lockette is an aspiring Pokémon Trainer. On his 10th birthday he chooses his first ever Pokémon. After he chooses his Pokémon he find some very interesting Pokémon n...
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The Way of the Light (Pokemon Watty Awards  2014) {Under Editing} by pokemon_lovergeeks
The Way of the Light (Pokemon Rach and Domi
Voted Best Original Region Pokemon Watty Awards 2014 On Rose's 15th birthday she receives and unexpected note from her pursumed dead father. She was shocked of the conte...
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Fighting for My Identity {Fighting for te Truth prequel}[Eusine Minaki] by Moonlit_Lilly
Fighting for My Identity { Lily
Corona was a girl found in the forest by the Swords of Justice. With her ability to understand pokéspeech, they raised her with their beliefs. Years later, she met a boy...
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Life As A Suicune by IceSuicune
Life As A Suicuneby Sunlight Beam
A Shiny Suicune hiding herself from danger
Run by Farla_Blackdragon
Runby Farla
The POV of a legendary dog in verse form. I wrote this a long time ago.
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A Reader-Insert Suicune Transformation Short Story by DancingFlirt
A Reader-Insert Suicune Laslow
A short story that I first wrote on DeviantArt and decided to add here.
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Legendary: A Pokémon Fan Fiction by eeveeongirl
Legendary: A Pokémon Fan Fictionby Ellen Fellers
Donnie has always considered him self a normal, first-rank trainer; his only goal is explore the world and become the champion. But his whole life's goal changes when h...
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Pokemon Zoro's Revenge: Book Two: Johto Conquest by HeartsDemise
Pokemon Zoro's Revenge: Book HeartsDemise
Zoro now hunts down the humans of Johto. In his way stands Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Will Zoro succeed in eliminating the humans, or will he fall from the combined pow...
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BEN Drowned x male oc by JAnnSmith1
BEN Drowned x male ocby J Ann Smith
it's about a teen age boy who is abused and comitts suicide but he didn't die he comes back as a phantom and no memory of his past and slender finds and offers to life w...
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Then, There Were 3 [a Pokémon fanfiction] by sasakisazara
Then, There Were 3 [a Pokémon Purple_Orange
True were broken, separated, Faith's entwined, curse never lifted, 'Till that faithful day has come, These heroes must survive, To face the darkness that slumber....
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Crystallized (A Pokémon Crystal Nuzlocke) by useless_reptile
Crystallized (A Pokémon Crystal Blake
[No description yet]
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Nadilocke- Soul Silver Nuzlocke by Tea_n_Tomatoes
Nadilocke- Soul Silver Nuzlockeby Ally
Nadia Remirez was born in raised in New Bark town, but has always had big ambitions beyond her small home town in Johto. She dreams of making it out, but when she drops...
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Pokémon Crystal | The Retelling by KrisPKMN4EVER
Pokémon Crystal | The Retellingby Kris
Pokémon Crystal is the story of a young girl's quest to become the next Pokémon League Champion. Along the way she will face many challenges, and meet many people, but w...
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