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Bullied by magcon and o2l runaway sisters ( slow updates) by Alexia061927
Bullied by magcon and o2l -jahsehsklout-
Alexia caniff ,Mariah Dallas,cat Dillon , ally franta they get bullied by their brothers and their friends witch is magcon and o2l and the are super natural and Alexia h...
  • shawnmendes
  • sisters
  • cutting
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Without You by ShakespeareWHO_
Without Youby Tfyousaybish
May is still griefing of a tragedy of the past. Heading toward Collage, where life is just beginning, May connects with a friend of the past, and meets a person that can...
  • collage
  • suicided
  • friendship
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The girl whose life was almost taken away by lies by augustamonteroo
The girl whose life was almost Augusta Montero
"A lie has speed, but the truth has endurance"... one embezzlement of the truth can change everything... even end with someones life... but if we could stop th...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • speakup
  • metaphor
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When I needed you the most by lovewriter21
When I needed you the mostby lovewriter21
Cleo Clementine was the sweet, smart, innocent girl in the 10th grade with a loving boyfriend that went by the name Luca Woods in the 12th grade. On their way home from...
  • badgirl
  • love
  • death
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Dandelions by Ritnym
Dandelionsby Ritnym
Hello my name is Atheena and I I'm 17 years old. No, I haven't lived through much but I live through some shitty situations in my past. now hold my hand as i walk you do...
  • girl
  • life
  • 17yearold
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All you need is love ❤️ by ThatAwkwardFanGirl16
All you need is love ❤️by ThatAwkwardFanGirl
"Why am I so different!" "Why can't I be like them!" "Your so stupid!" "Your going to burn in hell!" I scream these things at my...
  • lgbt
  • different
  • heterosexual
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Quiet Murmurs of Wonder by writergrl98
Quiet Murmurs of Wonderby Rhiannon L
A series of short stories--none of which are connected to the other--dealing with love, loss, friendship, success, failure, easy times and tough times, and the ups and d...
  • homophobia
  • approval
  • sounds
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Planning my own death by ItsGrant
Planning my own deathby ItsGrant
Amy and josh were boyfriend and girlfriend, once josh committed suicided, Amy tried it her self can her friends get her out of this felling or will it be to late
  • misstort
  • everyone
  • live
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Scabbed by septembershortie
Scabbedby septembershortie
Sincerity is a rare thing to find these days, since the First World is slowly becoming a mess of artificiality. These are the days that human beings never prepared for...
  • death
  • suicided
  • love
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My favorite songs lyrics  by Anonymous_Shadow34
My favorite songs lyrics by Alex
This will be a song book but it will be my favorites and also some suggested songs as well so it could be any kind of song I also include animes & gaming and I don't own...
  • favorite
  • random
  • crazy
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Goodbye... by kryptorgaming51
#11 Theamityaffliction
Suicided notes/poems Cutting Broken Dying Lost No one Depressed Anxiety Anorexic We all have had it at one point "I spend every waking moment, wishing I was...
  • suicided
  • anexity
  • notloved
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Emotions in the Form of Words by lonewolfspirit8
Emotions in the Form of Wordsby Echo Pine
This is mostly just gonna be some short stories I get bored and write. Some of them could be longer than others, but not long enough to be a whole story. Well hope you l...
  • romance
  • suicided
  • depressed
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whats the best way to kill yourself by sad_d_depressed
whats the best way to kill yourselfby Tiny hearted soul
thoughts in my head
  • suicide
  • iwanttodie
  • its
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Life by Songooooooo
Lifeby Panda love
My name is kameryn but I use Amaya's I'm about to take you on a trip through the system Of life and Coming to A realization of my life And every ones life cause I don'...
  • suicided
  • bulling
  • targets
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Sleep by majestic-wxlf
Sleepby majestic-wxlf
Sleep isn't just for the sleepy it's for the ones tried of humanity...
  • depressing
  • suicided
  • life
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~6 Little Girls~((Paused)) by RoxyRox2002
~6 Little Girls~((Paused))by Roxy
6 girls 6 deaths 6 stories to be told A heartbreaking story unfolds the mistakes and mystery of a group of girls life's, Even tho victims have it hard we shouldn't forg...
  • obsessed
  • mlp
  • suicided
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if i... by first-date
if inactive
where every poem starts with "if i" lowercase intended
  • distrust
  • pain
  • heartbreak
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The quiet girl  by juice_box_swag
The quiet girl by juice_box_swag
Alyssa suffers from a dark past, at age 10 her father died leaving her and her mother. to cope with the pain Alyssa's mother became a alcoholic, beat her, and had a new...
  • love
  • abuse
  • bully
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Blasphemy by fanfiction_page_
Blasphemyby fanfiction_page_
❤️Please Read❤️ I hope you enjoy!! :))
  • guy
  • runaway
  • sad
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