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Seeking Solace by _TheDragoness_
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me.》 {Cover is c...
Blood Swords(WangXian) by wizardsannie
Blood Swords(WangXian)by Annie Kim
"Friendship is anchored with trust" Welcome to my first fanfic in this account! This will be completely different from the Novel, Web series or the...
wei wuxian the ghost king (Hiatus) by rianne322008
wei wuxian the ghost king (Hiatus)by Jan Rianne Uy
My husband WAS dead now He reincarnated to a boy but he looks the same before and the same name.... cangse sanren my mother and wei cangse my father was dead too but the...
Lotus (ENGLISH VERSION) by Cute_YilingLaozu
Lotus (ENGLISH VERSION)by Cute's.YilingLaozu
Jiang Cheng's second life, an accident that left him in a coma for three days turns him into seeing the past of his previous life. 🔞 ️ Crackpair : Jiang Cheng x Wei W...
The Untamed X Male Reader by Jessie_Yagami
The Untamed X Male Readerby Official_Cosplay_Life_Line
As for the details of the main characters, here's your story. You are the biological brother of the one and only Wei Wuxian. The day that Clan leader Jiang found Wei and...
ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL (A WangXian Story) by MDZSTreasure
Driven to the edge of insanity, Wei Wuxian thought of ending himself. But even at the dark abyss of his mind, a small flicker of light is visible. Wei Wuxian thought tha...
Drifting Souls (A Bichen x Suibian Love Story) by LuvLaws
Drifting Souls (A Bichen x LuvLaws
Two spirits. Both were poles apart. One was Ice the other was Fire. One was calm the other was carefree. Their story was unique. The spiritual realm never expected to s...
Heart of Glass ||Wei Wuxian|| [ON HOLD] by 3dollar_swaeg
Heart of Glass ||Wei Wuxian|| [ Seamless Sky
Wei Wuxian knew, once he enters the gates of Cloud Recesses, the world will do anything to keep him inside the walls of this sect, but it's alright if it's for love. He...
Loving you  Till the end of the World by rianne322008
Loving you Till the end of the Jan Rianne Uy
lan wangji is dead.. and i ascended to immortality... it hurts so much to see your husband not remember you and have to wait 10,000 years for your husband but its worth...
The right thing to do by CoraxCrow
The right thing to doby Corax Crow
He lost him twice. He could no longer hear his Bichen. He was alone in this familiar yet foreign world, in this new, strange body. Now there were only two people he was...
I Will Protect You by kuttimakuu
I Will Protect Youby kuttimakuu
Status: <hiatus> What if one of us readers get transmigrated into mdzs universe? Will we be able to help Wei Ying and make sure that he doesn't suffers as much as...
By Your Side Through Thick And Thin (Wangxian) by mefwamage68
By Your Side Through Thick And 🖤
Please keep in mind I only write on Wattpad! After visiting Gusu for a while Wei Ying gets invited to join Cloud Recesses, where he meets Lan Zhan the second young maste...
The Second Story Window where Wisteria Tree Blooms by WangXian_14
The Second Story Window where Caleism_Chan
"Why don't you become a decent student and study instead of playing around doing nothing?" Wei Wuxian stopped laughing and smiled coldly at Lan Wangji. "W...
Just Once More....One More Chance  by HarukiUsagi46
Just Once More....One More Chance by Rika
When Wei Ying fell down the cliff he doesn't know that inside of his clothes there is an unfinished talisman. "Just once more chance." As the bloo...