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The Fact Book Of Feminism by TeaThings
The Fact Book Of Feminismby Tea
First things first, I'm a Feminist And you should be too. (ongoing changes in this book until further notice) The many debates I have ignited this year with my pass...
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My Storm and My Silence: Romeo & Juliet #2 by Keylologotswagg
My Storm and My Silence: Romeo & Keylologotswagg
This is a Fan fiction! Thanks to one of my commenters who gave me a great idea, @DanielleG2900 This is basically a continual to my first book... The original SnS chara...
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Anastasia by Fleurdelys21
Anastasiaby Fleurdelys21
"It's not right that we should have to fight for something so obviously right and just as having the vote but we must. Someone must!" Lady Anastasia Banks has...
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Mamma Mia - Parent Troubles by DynamoHeart
Mamma Mia - Parent Troublesby Dynamo Heart
Set after the wedding. Sam/Donna
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Gratification ! T.S  by MaeDebris
Gratification ! T.S by MaeDot
- "If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life, then so be it." Lois Andersson is part of the suffragette movement and proud to...
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Tenacious  by BaeBaelovesmehh
Tenacious by Joplinxky
te·na·cious təˈnāSHəs/ adjective; tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely
Matchbox Girls by AndrewHeard
Matchbox Girlsby Andrew Heard
Ginny is a mother first and foremost to two girls Sarah-Ann and Cynthia. Her house, a one room slum in the midst of east-end London, also supports her sisters family too...
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When The Sun Goes Down by John_freeman24
When The Sun Goes Downby John_freeman24
I don't now. Is it possible to fall in love? Just for the heck of it. Worldlessly. You see and immediately know this is the one and only person. With her you see the fu...
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Ancient Mysteries by EsmeGSqualor
Ancient Mysteriesby EsmeGSqualor
You are about to go on an adventure with a 12 year old girl named Annabelle Pankhurst as she fights to learn about her beloved great great grandmother
I Was But a Girl by phanosaurhowell
I Was But a Girlby Lizzie Parker
This story is based on how (or at least to my knowledge) women and families were affected by the suffragette movement in the early 20th centuary.
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Equality  by dontlookbackdotcom
Equality by dontlookbackdotcom
Every gender should be equal
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Willow Locke - Anarchist Detective by Isaacdpeterson
Willow Locke - Anarchist Detectiveby Isaac Peterson
Updates every weekend, with occasional bonus posts on Wednesdays. Willow Locke, a teenage immigrant living in turn-of-the century Manhattan, must find the strength wit...
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Becoming History by AliciaSmith98
Becoming Historyby Alicia Smith
Adaline Moore is the only child of her grieving father. After her mothers death, her father separated himself from society, dragging an unwilling Adaline behind him. Loc...
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The Other Side of Scandal by abbeypenbaker
The Other Side of Scandalby Abbey Pen Baker
THE OTHER SIDE OF SCANDAL explains what happens after Sherlock Holmes hands Myrl the photograph of her mother, Irene Adler. This is a short account, derived from Faye's...
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History case studies and revision by Purplecompton
History case studies and revisionby Lauren Green
History case studies and revision
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Equality Rules by equalityrules
Equality Rulesby EQUALITY RULES
-equality for both genders- This is what we fight for.
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Suffragette Girl by anti_socialite
Suffragette Girlby anti_socialite
Its 1915, England. Camille is sixteen and working as a maid. Her life changes when she and her best friend attend a suffragette meeting. Will her choices come back to bi...
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The Birds And The Bees  by fiction_obsessed_
The Birds And The Bees by Alexa Graves
Allegory of Suffragettes
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