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And I Forgot Myself by Alyanel
And I Forgot Myselfby Ella
Karla wakes up in a room with a woman sobbing over someone called Jenn and no memories of the past two years. She decides to find out the truth about the failed rebellio...
Subversive Anthology - Feel Good Stuff by thewritingherald
Subversive Anthology - Feel Good Eunice
Collection of random writings when I'm in a good mood; which relates to writing happy stuff and others
Casus Belli by Cryspr
Casus Belliby Cryspr
A band of aliens debate whether to invade Earth.
Discontents by JamesWallaceBirch
Discontentsby JamesWallaceBirch
Emory Walden can’t remember how he ended up hospitalized facing a risky surgery to save his life. He’s certain only that someone tried to kill him and his involvement wi...
100 Words on Oracles and Iconoclasts by ddunakin
100 Words on Oracles and Dean Dunakin
Briefly, art in a dystopian society. 🏅Winner in the @dystopianapocalypse prompt:
Eternal beings - have a job to do by Timeline-F411
Eternal beings - have a job to doby Emma A
In this thought experiment there exists imortal beings outside space and time who controll every part of humans lives. Written from the perspective of Velma, one of thes...
We aren't all evil... by Splatoonlover1
We aren't all Splatoonlover1
Mottledpaw is a medicine cat apprentice who can only see Dark Forest cats? Wait... this isn't right. But this isn't for no reason, the Clans are under threat. A Dark For...
Shifting Flames {Book 1 of the Black Mancer Series} by DystopiaQueen464
Shifting Flames {Book 1 of the DystopiaQueen464
*•{#1 in Mancers!}•* *{#147 in fantasy}* (Top 0.05%) *{#95 in Mythical!}* (Top 1.5%) Magic. Demons. Secrets. The prosperity of Abira is guarded by its army of Mancers, p...
The Enable Fable by Batty613
The Enable Fableby batzion anonymous
I risk my life to spill the beans I risk my life to empower YOU On track to be a high level intelligence agent, scion of a wealthy family and a debilitating food addic...
A super meta and cool story. by turtleross
A super meta and cool turtleross
A character disobeys the narrator. What!!!! No OnEs EVEr DONE ThaT BeFoRe.
The Other by Lunav999
The Otherby Steve
A young man coping with depression and social anxiety is given a new opportunity to open up to people in his school, thanks to his discovery of a separate conscience in...
Subversive Children's Stories by holyunicorns
Subversive Children's Storiesby holyunicorns
Do you like reading YA fiction? If yes, here's a spin on YA stories. Add in some drama, home issues, underage drinking or drug abuse along with other problems that exist...
REAPPEAR by mferrence
REAPPEARby Michael Ferrence
After being attacked at his subversive, juggernaut restaurant and music venue Platform, Sam delves deeply into an unexplored state of consciousness, uncovering the pivot...
Inter|Sekt Manifesto by InterSektArt
Inter|Sekt Manifestoby InterSektArt
The complete aesthetic/quasi a politico manifestos of Steven Lee Matz: chaos reverend and mystical impresario of Inter|Sekt: The New World Creative.
Vampire Exposure by RichardBuzzell
Vampire Exposureby Richard Buzzell
Vampire detection technology acquired from a crackpot Russian scientist? Is this a hoax or does Kassidy Mitchell really have something to worry about?