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For the Sake of Survival [Sea Emperor x Reader] by S-aHowaito
For the Sake of Survival [Sea ▵S-a▿
Warning : contains spoilers to Subnautica's lore and Endings. [Gender-Neutral!Reader x Sea Emperor Leviathan] Activating emergency CPR. Vital signs stabilizing. Detecti...
More than research [Al-An X Reader] by Panther_Writes
More than research [Al-An X Reader]by Ace
Your best friend Robin had been missing for months after she went to 4546b to search for her sister. You decided to take matters into your own hands since Alterra would...
Subnautica: Echoes by letterpressjess
Subnautica: Echoesby LetterPressJess
When Lyra Robinson receives a message from her missing mother, her determination to find her leads her to the planet her father once fought so hard to escape, but destin...
Alterra's Mistake(RWBY x Subnautica male reader) by Kirito98766
Alterra's Mistake(RWBY x Dylan Duffey
Y/N has finally escaped planet 4546b with seemingly no issues but, what would happen if the ion portal sent him somewhere other than Earth? What if he was sent to Remnan...
Subnautica: Miya's Story by Lockhqu2
Subnautica: Miya's Storyby Melissa’s Angel
This is a story follows the adventure of Miya Watt, the second survivor of the habitation vessel Aurora. In the intro of "Subnautica" it is said that there was...
Subnautica Into The Deep (My Creature Ideas) by sfkabkq
Subnautica Into The Deep (My NOT a porcupine
After crashing on planet 4546B, I found myself having to do everything in my power to survive this dangerous world. As the years went by, I began documenting the indigen...
Subnautical SCPS by shellyandshoal123
Subnautical SCPSby Qing of no plot
SCP, Secure Contain Protect. An organization filled with deadly, and harmless creatures that shouldn't be of our world. At they're wits end with four SCPS. SCP-682, the...
It's Raining Somewhere Else | A Subnautica FF (Markiplier x Reader) {EDITING} by lescribble
It's Raining Somewhere Else | A scribble
#5 on Subnautica!!! 05/4/19 UNDER RENOVATIONS, DARLINGS The Aurora was soothing. The hum of machinery as I attempted to sleep was calming. Until the entire ship was thro...
My Guardian , Leviathan by GhostCatcoon
My Guardian , Leviathanby Ghostcatcoon
A Subnautica fanfic. -You're now stranded on a strange planet with weird alien life forms. You're goal is to either grow accustomed to the planet or hope for rescue. tho...
Team 6 below zero (Subnautica x vanoss crew) by wildyo
Team 6 below zero (Subnautica x wildyo
after the event of team 6 returning from an alien planet the team were having a normal day at a restaurant. but what will happen when the people from alterra came to the...
Team 6 of 4546B ( subnautica x vanoss crew ) by wildyo
Team 6 of 4546B ( subnautica x wildyo
vanoss and his friends were going camping when one of them discovered a cave that led to a mysterious object that transported them to an ocean planet. watch as vanoss an...
Survive For Me (Subnautica/AOT Crossover) by Tom_Boi
Survive For Me (Subnautica/AOT Tom Unknown
Co-Author: Black___Rose (Cover created by my bff Dot) Levi Ackerman X Reader (Subnautica/Attack on Titan Crossover) When (F/n) (L/n) is assigned as a crew member to Alt...
Subnautica: Call Of The Reaper by BW10347
Subnautica: Call Of The Reaperby A_Son_Of_Hades
(ART IS NEVER MINE!)(all rights go to unknown worlds entertainment, plot is mine of course, but everything else is theirs, i love this game and i couldn't refrain) <W...
Restoration [AL-AN X Reader] by Panther_Writes
Restoration [AL-AN X Reader]by Ace
You had always been interested in space and discovering new species on new planets but compared to others like you you didn't want to sit in an observatory or a lab all...
Septic GT/Vore [SepticsxOC] by xKhaara
Septic GT/Vore [SepticsxOC]by Khaara
A few one shots I have on my phone. They're about the septic egos and some of my OCs. Occasional appearances of Ipliers. Soft vore/No digestion/No fatal. (At least for t...
-Subnautica Logs- by 1llusion_1369
-Subnautica Logs-by 1llusion
This is my log book for subnautica.
Subnautica RP {Open} by -Shadow-Sans-
Subnautica RP {Open}by Black Flame
Subnautica x male reader-(On Hold) by DExter1283
Subnautica x male reader-(On Hold)by Captain curry
This story takes place in the 1st game of subnautica but with a twist, What kind of twist will it be. WELL read to find out
Kill Or Be Killed - A Subnautica Jacksepticeye x Female Reader Fan Fiction by Thephoenixalchemist
Kill Or Be Killed - A Subnautica The Phoenix Alchemist
You are an ion drive core diagnostics and surveillance officer aboard the Alterra Starship Aurora on a three year mission, and you fall for the cute Irish manned robotic...