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How I Have Been Tamed by ElegantPuppy
How I Have Been Tamedby ElegantPuppy
Mark was a proud, noble, elegant young man with a quiet life. He always likes to stay away from troubles, but this time, he failed. One day, Mark finds himself confronti...
Brat Smut by Alex65785
Brat Smutby Alex65785
Read the title lol Your ex boyfriend dominants you Enjoy🧸
Bad Boys Don't Cry by Hope4future
Bad Boys Don't Cryby Hope
When the bad boy of Ridgewood high gets his secret spilled a strange set of events will begin to unfold quickly. Will he get used to his new life as a sub? Or will his...
Mommy's Subbi3 by NotheLiar
Mommy's Subbi3by Nothe Liar
18 plus this is mainly smut
S*x In The Kitchen by JenniferLele
S*x In The Kitchenby Jennifer Lele
🔞S*x in the kitchen. For 18+.
Kidnapped for Him (continued) by Kinky_reads66
Kidnapped for Him (continued)by Madeline
Melanie Stone was taken from her easy life and thrown into a new life with a man with a dark secret. 18+
Secretly Submissive (Finished) by AlternativeTruths
Secretly Submissive (Finished)by Haley
A 19-year old woman named Iris is stolen for ransom by four different men. Soon after, they discover that her father is not willing to pay the ransom. Boss, Noah, Damien...
Daddy, am I beautiful? by TiaRosexx
Daddy, am I beautiful?by TiaRosexx
Alice is a 17 year old girl who's gone through a very tough past. She grew up with no father so longs for that type of love in her future relationships. After suffering...
Always & Forever Mine (Ongoing) by lovedpw19
Always & Forever Mine (Ongoing)by Danielle Walch
Recently ranked #2 in badboy You're going to be taken on a journey through love , friendship, pain and heartache . ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Just click read , it won't hurt , trust me...
Maid 2 Sub by aka-rene
Maid 2 Subby aka-rene
ADULT..+18..SEXUAL CONTENT...Shivanna has only known disappointment in life. When an opportunity for change in her life presents itself she is quick to grab ahold of it...
Grey's Tribute by Whiskeyqueenn
Grey's Tributeby Whiskeyqueenn
The characters are highly complex and they exist in a world that values strength over compassion, only the strong survive. The life inside the pack mimics that of a real...
The Brat Diaries by LettiLustcraft
The Brat Diariesby Letti Lustcraft
"Over my knee." She's heard those three little words many times - Letti is a brat and she knows it. Wrex is Letti's strict husband and Dominant, but he not-so...
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan) by slubikaz
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan)by A. Slubice
Conrad Fitzroy is a delta. He's blue collar. Poor. And yet, he enters a world of impossibility under the arms of charming alpha Joseph Darling. Only to be thrown to the...
THE WETTER'S ROOM by Sissyscottii
THE WETTER'S ROOMby Sissyscottii
A teen boy can't resist the sudden urge to wet his bed and pants. He doesn't understand why he has these unusual urges to wet in spite of his dismay and discomfort at be...
Becoming Aizawa's Pet by Bakugou_Obsessed27
Becoming Aizawa's Petby Bakugou_Obsessed27
You've been dating Aizawa for a while, and he finds out a certain secret you haven't told him yet ⚠️PSA::::I KNOW HIS NAME IS SHOTA AIZAWA, BUT FOR SOME REASON EVERYTIME...
Kacchan can't know! by ForeverFanfictionB1
Kacchan can't know!by Orangeyougladididntputmyname
Midoriya thinks Bakugou will be disgusted if he finds out he's a little. Putting off little space has unforeseen side affects on Izuku's mental health though, and Bakugo...
school's bad boy (smut) ;) by keelyyygascan
school's bad boy (smut) ;)by keelyyy gascan
her name was Rain she was 5'5 with strawberry blonde hair and big deep green eyes she always wore red lips and had her nails painted red Rain used to be bullied at her...
Hired for wedgies by wedgieninja
Hired for wedgiesby wedgieninja
Reggie Domic is in a desperate search for a job. Being kicked out of the family house at 19, he is on the hunt for anything that will give him a steady flow of income. H...
My 3 masters  by EvieRen02
My 3 masters by Evie17
"N-no daddy"I push him away moving backwards until I hit the wall. "You better get you're ass here ally I swear"he shouts I yelp jumping tears falli...
gorou x reader (heavy nsfw) by tartagliarailme
gorou x reader (heavy nsfw)by drink water
hey!! this story is still on process but ill try my best to update when I can :) -the reader is mostly in the charge -nonbinary reader -this is full of some weird furry...