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A Nazi U-boat is Teleported into Azur Lane by Markwindle
A Nazi U-boat is Teleported into Mark Wayne Windle
A Nazi U-boat is teleported into Azur Lane.
GORDO (The new world) by Iris-Luna98
GORDO (The new world)by Ivana Vanessa Jameson
Beneath the surface is a world underwater with more than four thousand people trapped for more than a hundred years now. Ever since the red virus hit the earth, the grou...
The Crystal Fleet (Azur Lane x Battleship Oc's) by SyriaandIraq
The Crystal Fleet (Azur Lane x Cali is waifu
When the Uni Souveran prideful Artic Fleet,was sunken by the Soviet and Royal navy these ships(and two submarine) woke up in a whole new world far from them (Oh wow I'm...
Fictional (Azur Lane x Warships oc) by SyriaandIraq
Fictional (Azur Lane x Warships oc)by Cali is waifu
(Creative title I know) What if six Warships from different fictional countries (aka my fictional country) got transported to another world well this is probably the sto...
Bechloe Fanfic: It's all about listening by HarrisonBeale
Bechloe Fanfic: It's all about Captain Harrison
Listen then, if you have ears - especially when you can't see Set after Pitch Perfect 3 - after the USO tour Cynthia-Rose joins the Marine Corps and is now leading her...
FTRS/RAR One-Shots by DauntlessDemigodA5
FTRS/RAR One-Shotsby c h l o e
A little one-shot book with random stuff about the FTRS/RAR groups. All characters belong to Jen Calonita.
Azur Lane Ocs + Rp by GraphaGodOfSaiyans3
Azur Lane Ocs + Rpby GraphaGodOfSaiyans3
Read the title you should understand. Also none of the images in this book is mine. I just find them in google images.
Anteline-The Deep  by PurpleQueen319
Anteline-The Deep by PurpleQueen319
I do not own this series or the characters. This series and everything in it which includes the characters belongs to Tom Taylor and James Brouwer. Anteline is my favori...
The First Kansen (Azur Lane × Male Reader) by exstoru
The First Kansen (Azur Lane × Hatsu Yuki
What if you are the Commander of Azur Lane? And what if the Commander is actually the very first Kansen to be graced upon the world?
Beyond South Pole by Mistonen
Beyond South Poleby Misto
It's 1899, and Jacques Moulin is joining an expedition funded by Newton Prescott. The goal is to be the first people to reach South Pole. Expedition on its own seems lik...
Nemo In The Ocean With Roses by SarahJackson1991
Nemo In The Ocean With Rosesby SarahJackson1991
Yellow Submarine Fanfic- Nemo, grand Niece of Old Fred joins him on his mission of saving Pepperland from the Blue Meanies, experience the psychedelic story of the Beatl...
The Iron Man [Serial] by KaranSeraph
The Iron Man [Serial]by Karan Seraph
Alternate History Steampunk Fashion Dystopia Science Romance --- Julien is a regulation-compliant young presser at the local dhobitorium, and the best Londoni iron...
KissWard : Can This Be Love by Keuliseutin_21
KissWard : Can This Be Loveby Keuliseutin_21
The story of an innocent, hopeless romantic girl named Kisses meets the half fililpino half british guy named Edward who has a problem accepting his feelings & has fear...
Stingray: The Day Of Titan by CaptainThunderWho
Stingray: The Day Of Titanby CaptainThunderWho Century 22...
Titan, overlord of the underwater City Titanica, has grown tired of defeat after defeat. His next deadly plan against Troy Tempest and the WASP organisation is to finall...
THE PACIFIC ALLIANCE by --WordBlade626--
Until now Japan's ship girls have had to stand alone against the threat of the Abyssal fleet. But the tide is turning and ship girls from other countries have now come t...
One Piece - LawLu One Shots by LawLuShipper
One Piece - LawLu One Shotsby LawLu Shipper
Ever since meeting on the Sabaody Archipelago, Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law grow close to each other, taking part in heated fights with unruly pirates and...
The West Sea by acasiaten
The West Seaby acasiaten
The West Sea is an Aqua-punk Adventure Story that is set in an alternate universe where most of the land mass of the planet is deep underwater. We follow the story of Ar...
WARNING WARNING I am not supporting the Nazis nor am I a Nazi I'm only doing this cause I'm freakin bored
Azur Lane: Light in the Abyss by -Kaitaro-
Azur Lane: Light in the Abyssby Yusaru Kaitaro
Kotaro is a college graduate from the University of Tokyo that he alone payed his own school fee due to his parents passed away during his first year of college resultin...
The adventures of the Nektons (pauses) by SarahSohie
The adventures of the Nektons ( SarahSohie
Anteus Nekton is twelve years old and belongs to a family of researchers dedicated to the study of the oceans. Together with his sister Fontaine and his parents, Ant liv...