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FOREVER  ♡/Jikook/♡ by scarlet_heather
FOREVER ♡/Jikook/♡by scarlet_heather
A story where two 'mates' meet eachother. The revelation of destiny in vivid orbes. Prejudices and uncertainty hindering their path to love. "You are my mate jungko...
Princess✔️ by jikookever97
Princess✔️by ParkJeon JiKook
Jeon Jungkook is a boy but very beautiful than real women.Then he was arrange marriage with his parent's best friend son.That Men is Park Jimin the handsome prince in th...
Obssesion Of Mr.Park✔️ by jikookever97
Obssesion Of Mr.Park✔️by ParkJeon JiKook
Mr.Park was obssesing all over about Jeon Jungkook the ordinary boy but too beautiful of human being was created.Until he met with Mr.Park,his life was change when Mr.Pa...
ADDICTED by jikookever97
ADDICTEDby ParkJeon JiKook
what will happen if your own husband being all addicted towards their own wife..? ongoing..
Me&You✔️ by jikookever97
Me&You✔️by ParkJeon JiKook
story about a love in library between a bookworm man with a very cherish and bubbly boy meet by chance since that boy is one of worker who in charge to put new book on s...
My Dear Baby Honey by jikookever97
My Dear Baby Honeyby ParkJeon JiKook
Jimin have a wife but he just come to him when he feel like he wanna having a sex but when everyday he doing it with him..he was change from lust to love..jungkook as hi...
"YOU" by jikookever97
"YOU"by ParkJeon JiKook
When a couple of fiance had to raise a kid from jimin's bro since his bro was passed away.So until they get married,they had to raise that kid but jimin become all jealo...
Tied up by jikookever97
Tied upby ParkJeon JiKook
When a boy was falling towards their own trusted employee Park Jimin since long time but there jungkook's big brother was against them at first but when he see it throug...
My Balley Wife by jikookever97
My Balley Wifeby ParkJeon JiKook
story about a pair of married couple been chasing their dream to be what they want,but would Jungkook be ballerina secretly causes he actually want to do that causes Hi...
Time Travel by jikookever97
Time Travelby ParkJeon JiKook
Jimin being so cold husband towards jungkook who was given role as his wife back then when they married.Jimin also a ego person who actually love his dear wife but what...
Goodbye Love by jikookever97
Goodbye Loveby ParkJeon JiKook
A married couple meant to be together..but there was different since jungkook dont even know actually he had to fight over with jimin get depressed day by day...
BROTHER S1 by jikookever97
BROTHER S1by ParkJeon JiKook
A story about Park Jimin take His 2 little brother to stay with him after both of their parents was passed away since they 5 but there was something happen in jimin's he...
Heal Me by jikookever97
Heal Meby ParkJeon JiKook
when 2 pair of married couple having some problem and they plan want to make each other being like the other married couple life used to be..what will happen?Jimin reall...
Him.  by jeonnsx
Him. by Jeonnsx <3
Sub jeongguk for your sinful minds uwu (One shot) Genre: smut and maybe some fluff ion know lol Word count: 1.51k
Replay by jikookever97
Replayby ParkJeon JiKook
A boy having a dark past and still get into it.He was being bully all the time until one person was appear and used to save him from that dark side,jeon jungkook dont kn...
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Overdose by jikookever97
Overdoseby ParkJeon JiKook
Story about love between the problematic kid who overdoses take the pill to keep himself calm and A man who fallen for that kid in first sight.So what will happen? ongoi...
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