Steven Universe One Shots by necr0misis
Steven Universe One Shotsby necr0misis
Ever wished you could have as many adventures as Steven? Because me too.
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What Keeps You Up?  by CY83RV01D
What Keeps You Up? by CY83RV01D
Every zoo caretaking amethyst x reader Sinful I know but...aren't you curious? This fanfic is lemoney scented and cringy read at your own risk. Seriously it's garbage...
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|| Shattered Universe || Steven Universe X Reader by StepsInTheMoonlight
|| Shattered Universe || Steven Queen of the Lost
Just a small story. Cover by @SuckMyAshlee- Started: Jul 23, 2016 Ended: Oct 18, 2016
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PeridotxMale Gem reader ( Defective) Steven Universe by XiaoShiao
PeridotxMale Gem reader ( Xiao Shiao
Topaz is an irregular gem, made in the natural way that a gem is created on Earth but the process is unfamiliar to home world gems. Due to his irregular experiences, Top...
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Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVES by LadyMusketeer435
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVESby LadyMusketeer
This is a story if Pink Diamond agrees with Rose that gems should do what they really want...and if Pink wasn't shattered.. NOTE: This is just a theroy! IF it turns out...
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Jasper's Redemption (Jasper x Child!Reader) by talle2014
Jasper's Redemption (Jasper x Talle
Rose Quartz left behind many mysteries. Some of which were often hard to decipher, but the obvious connection she has with (Y/n) is probably the biggest perplexity the C...
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Steven Universe Fanfic: The Spy (Rubapphire) by Raptor8600
Steven Universe Fanfic: The Spy ( Raptor8600
What happens when Sapphire finds out Ruby's deepest and darkest secret?
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Steven x Connie ❤️  Lemon by InesDiva17
Steven x Connie ❤️ Lemonby InesDiva
READ, REALLY IMPORTANT : If you are reading this story you need to know this... This is my frist story, and I don't like Connie to be bullied so she is going to have fri...
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-The Witch Authority-  (Blue Diamond x Pink Diamond) by twohumansinonebody
-The Witch Authority- (Blue Fallen Gem
When 17 years old Pink goes into the woods playing hide and seek with her friends, she got lost. She never thought that her friends leave her behind and go away. Neith...
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Starring Role (Kevamie)  by ChocolatePi4me
Starring Role (Kevamie) by Not 100 birbs in a trenchcoat
Just a boy waiting for his starring role in someone's heart.
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Sự thật hoa anh đào by user892133105088
Sự thật hoa anh đàoby thungan
Đây là lần đầu mình viết truyện, có sai sót xin mn bỏ qua. Một cô gái sinh sống tại trái đất Có nét đẹp tựa thiên thần giáng trần Trong sáng, đáng yêu, tinh nghịch Bỗng...
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Lars x Reader by LeoNarzi
Lars x Readerby LeoNarzi
You are an off color Chrysoprase gem, ready to give up and let the robonoids shatter you. You had spent your whole existence in a cave in the lowest reaches of one of th...
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Chia sẻ và lảm nhảm by MiTaneMei
Chia sẻ và lảm nhảmby Mía
:V những chuyện mị muốn cho reader biết
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Stutter // Lars X Reader //  (UPDATES WEEKLY) by OrianTrash
Stutter // Lars X Reader // ( Orian
(Y/N) (L/N) is a gem hybrid of some sorts. They aren't sure what they are. They have a human body, but for some reason a gem is placed on their left earlobe, and they ar...
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Steven Universe X Reader & Imagines by MysticTye
Steven Universe X Reader & Imaginesby MysticTye
A book filled with lemons and X Readers, All a fan can hope for! REQUESTS ARE OPEN
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You're Still My "Best Friend" [Lapidot] by Gayfromcali
You're Still My "Best Friend" [ Gay™
@LapidotFreak made the cover! Follow her if you haven't. She's a fucking cool ass person. A lapidot story. High school au. I'm not good with summaries but that does not...
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Steven Universe OneShots by xxoujia
Steven Universe OneShotsby s.r.
~read the title~
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My Red Diamond ♢ by YaoiFanFam
My Red Diamond ♢by Yaoi Fan
"Don't leave Y/n,"Blue Diamond said in a pleading voice. Y/n avoided Blue's eyes and then looked at Lars and Steven. "Let's go,"Y/n whispered her voi...
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Steven Universe- Pearl x Reader Our Time Together(ON HOLD) by AgentTexxy
Steven Universe- Pearl x Reader Texxy
Life is hard, this planet is hard to make a living out of, love is hard. Everything is difficult, especially this generation. But you found a way to live with it when yo...
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Steven Universe Jokes And Funny Stuff by FandomFreak_101
Steven Universe Jokes And Funny ×Meme Star×
I have more Steven Universe memes than I know what to do with so I might as well share them with you guys 😂
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