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Hubris by TriciaDehler
Hubrisby Trish L.D
"We are the true thing to fear and we will remind her of that fact with the power of our weapons and the hatred in our hearts." (Book 3 in the Ichor Trilogy) (...
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Percy Jackson Blessed by Hades by Dynamis_garmadon
Percy Jackson Blessed by Hadesby Dynamis_garmadon
Poseidon never comes to Percy's aid when he needs him. Hades finds him running and takes Percy into his care. He trains Percy with the greatest heroes in the underworld...
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The Son Of Neptune by Sp0ok_fin
The Son Of Neptuneby Sp0ok_fin
After Percy went missing and Jason finished his quest with Piper and Leo, you will read Annabeth's reaction. Then the next Chapter's will be about what happened to Percy...
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A New Hope*Percy Jackson Fanfic by purplebooks11
A New Hope*Percy Jackson Fanficby Purple
Well I'm not that good at descriptions, but please try this book! Percy goes through a whole lot of mess, caused by this guy who intentions are hardly ever clear. Anywa...
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The Reaper's Keeper (UNEDITED) by stefymay
The Reaper's Keeper (UNEDITED)by Stephanie May
I always thought that when you die that would be the end and you would see a bright light and the pearly gates on a little white fluffy cloud, if you were lucky. But wha...
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Darkness Everywhere by MasterChaos1
Darkness Everywhereby MasterChaos1
Perseus Jackson stayed in Tartarus to close the Doors of Death. Everyone thought that he was dead. Maybe he was. Hades and Nico did not confirm his death at all. But now...
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⚜𝓗𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓼 𝔁 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻⚜ by erediin
⚜𝓗𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓼 𝔁 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻⚜by 𝑯𝒂𝒘𝒌𝒆
Hello!! This story takes place at the very end of the Elysium DLC in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Some chapters have different parts to them, meaning they start another cha...
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Tags and Random Styx by sanders_pma
Tags and Random Styxby A.
Its all in the title
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Small Cats ❥ Wild Chase ❥Book 2 by Ripplewave
Small Cats ❥ Wild Chase ❥Book 2by wave
Mistea and four of her fellow Soarians band together to try and stop Alcatri, the living Myth who had risen again. Arguments and relationships cross, and some cat has to...
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Seventies Records (BoyxBoy One-shot) by wrecking-lovers
Seventies Records (BoyxBoy wrecking-lovers
The night sky, a car radio softly playing love ballads, and two star-crossed lovers on their last night together.
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[Styx & Stones] ~ [Newt Scamander] by Potterhead155
[Styx & Stones] ~ [Newt Scamander]by Pøtterhead
"Newt" "Styx" "What were you doing in the Forbidden Forest?" "Visiting a Friend"
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Hunter of Styx by DOAthenaHOArtemis
Hunter of Styxby Alex M Pierce
Percy Jackson loved everyone. He never showed any signs of betrayal. Of course being the egotistical idiots they are the gods try to kill him. He runs away promising nev...
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Stairway to Heaven by LIZzardtheWizard
Stairway to Heavenby LIZzard_the_Wizard
A human has been recently laid off from her job. Now unemployed and running out of hope, she wanders into a local bar and restaurant for warmth and perhaps a bite to eat...
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GROWTOPIA :THE GUIDEby The_best_growtopian
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The Diamond Cult by pinkpencilcase123
The Diamond Cultby Pink Princess
How the organisation works All of them are the leader of a certain branch under the the organisation, they all work together and although Azra is the 'leader' they don't...
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Babe, I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You! by ThePrincessDiamond
Babe, I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You!by Peanut the Mouse
ALSO ON ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN AND QUOTEV! Jonathan Joestar's world was shaken off balance when Dio entered it...but he didn't have to suffer through it alone. He had his be...
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The Story of State Street Sadie by raymanzareksglasses
The Story of State Street Sadieby christine
The story of a fanfictional young girl who rose, and fell to fame throughout the life of the Paradise Theatre. This is sort of a Styx fanfiction, following the storyline...
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~'| Ask Styx |'~ by Just_Reaper
~'| Ask Styx |'~by Reaper-Chan
Styx is a cream shipchild made by me.He is 15,hates his father Dream,hates Killer,he has a sister,ans his parent are Nightmare and Cross. Just ask him.
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The Ferryman by FracturedFlight
The Ferrymanby FF
A little thought inspired by my love for Greek mythology. There's a little bit of Roman if you like, but not much. Enjoy, and happy reading!
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