Rimas by Bardera4
Rimasby Bardera4
Yo siempre voy primera las dejo a todas fuera aquella es una fiera el siempre me espera me ama a su manera me dice que lo quiera yo no quiero a cualquiera también dice q...
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stylo by Cookie7063
styloby Cookie7063
stylo is an alien who hides his identity by shape-shifting, due to an accident when he was only a child and hides it, but can he keep these secrets any longer?
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Busted and blue by KittyT0t
Busted and blueby KittyT0t
Valarie Martino is a young volleyball player. One day she accidently hits some random dude in the face while playing volleyball she had no idea who it was at the time, b...
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  • floatingisland
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n'oublie pas ton stylo by user65396731
n'oublie pas ton styloby jadou17
ceci n'est pas une histoire mais la raison pour laquelle il ne faut pas oublier son stylo la preuve que me^me un stylo peu être fatal
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