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Recreating Kasey Taylor by knightsrachel
Recreating Kasey Taylorby Rachel
Completed. Kasey Taylor is a Senior Elite Cheerleader. She's been cheering competitively since she could walk and she's finally worked her way up to the top. She's good...
  • completed
  • highschool
  • dyslexia
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Just Another Stunt by larryishook28
Just Another Stuntby Rebeckaà💛
Harry and Louis were never together. After a well-deserved break, One Direction is back and not nearly as big. In order to gain publicity, management decides to give the...
  • boyxboy
  • toplouis
  • larrystylinson
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Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa Love Story)✔️ by arummees
Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa arummees
Abubakar Aliyu his parents puppet. They make all the decisions in his life for him due to their social standards. But he escapes using his arranged marriage. He gain...
  • naija
  • power
  • disgraced
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Arranged to a cheerleader  by kacie_11
Arranged to a cheerleader by kacie_11
Ashlynn Hope A beautiful determined 18 year old girl. She is an all star cheerleader, and she cheers for Cheer Xtreme Senior Elite. Her life is really good. She is famou...
  • allstar
  • cheer
  • niall
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Yours And Only by lashimasho
Yours And Onlyby lashimasho
Oh well just read yah mon...
  • stunts
  • crazy
  • love
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\,,/ Viva La Jackass (Bam Margera) \,,/ ON HOLD by fallen6661
\,,/ Viva La Jackass (Bam Margera) Emz E
So this story is based on the tv show Viva La Bam. It is a bit of fun and was my first ever fanfic. You may have read it before, as I have said I'm having to re-add some...
  • romance
  • stunt
  • margera
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bad guysㅡ nct 127 by luvpeachy
bad guysㅡ nct 127by moon
ㅡ bad guys。 they're friends, yet, rivals. they fight, yet, they don't compete. they look, but they don't see. they know each other yet, they don't. ❝so, you're chee...
  • johnny
  • spy
  • nct127
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The INSIDER Collection by JeddieJay
The INSIDER Collectionby Jayme Dray
one direction one shots, mostly featuring larry stylinson. [WORD COUNT: 66K]
  • stunts
  • purify
  • fame
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The Real Elounor ♡Elounor♡ by elounorslove
The Real Elounor ♡Elounor♡by elounorslove
●BOOK ll● A year ago the two were happily in love when their contract ended, and were forced to separate. So much has happened since then, and don't know if they can fix...
  • hate
  • eleanor
  • completed
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I Am Ryder by StephanieKay_4
I Am Ryderby StephanieKay
"SHE'S FINALLY HAPPY!" I fight. Colton and I were fight about Ryder. Specifically were Ryder should live. "SHE IS SAFER STAYING WITH ME!" Colton scr...
  • danger
  • overprotectivebrothers
  • fiction
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The Quarterback's Benefits *Harry Styles fanfic* by MariahZombie
The Quarterback's Benefits * MariahZombie
Mae is considered one of the nicest cheerleaders at Brinkley High School. Harry is considered to be one of the hottest and unattainable quarterbacks in Brinkley High his...
  • niall
  • football
  • horan
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So You Want To Be A Cheerleader by purebloodpower
So You Want To Be A Cheerleaderby Shay Shay
So, you've decided to try out for the cheer team. Yay!!! But you have no idea how to prepare?? You've come to the right place! This book will explain everything you need...
  • homecoming
  • cheers
  • teamspirit
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The Show Must Go On | Group Circus Roleplay | by One_With_Wolves
The Show Must Go On | Group Little Wolf
Like the name says, and just a little inspiration due to The Greatest Showman.
  • roleplay
  • stunts
  • circus
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Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by curly1718
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel)by Shelby
It's been almost five months since Kora was forced out of London and had to move back to New York. She hates her life there almost as much as she hates her mom for forci...
  • direction
  • marriage
  • scaring
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Undercover Danger by DogsRock235
Undercover Dangerby SavageWolf
Kailee Wolf. The best twelve-year-old spy the FBI has. The tomboy's blue eyes and long brown hair makes her look innocent, though she's anything but. Kailee Wolf is dang...
  • direction
  • wolf
  • onedirection
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Crimson Gold by revolved
Crimson Goldby julia
  • love
  • forbiddenlove
  • thriller
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Stay by KiplingthePuppy
Stayby KiplingthePuppy
Kadie Woods was an English major at Princeton when she was attacked and left for dead. Her scars, physical and emotional have driven her to the west coast and Los Angel...
  • tmz
  • bodyguard
  • female
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Laugh till you cry by jamesmoriartea
Laugh till you cryby s
  • crazy
  • danger
  • prestonlacy
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Publicity Stunts (Oikawa × OC) by Cryseo
Publicity Stunts (Oikawa × OC)by ClairTherine
Both famous for what they do, and close as ever as friends. But it seemed as if the manager didn't want them to be "just friends" This they both have to bear...
  • oikawa
  • haiba
  • tetsurou
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