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Male!BluestarxReader by tudogg
Male!BluestarxReaderby tudogg
Another part of the yandere series but the title would be to long if I continued to put yandere sooooooo yea enjoy!
My book of sketchy sketches by silversenpai06
My book of sketchy sketchesby Just a potato
welp I really love drawing so I made a book yay!! :D I draw the old fashioned way.. with pencil and paper and sometimes digital (I'm working on it) also includes bases...
Prompted by The-Dragon-Hearted
Promptedby The-Dragon-Hearted
My little drabbles that didn't fit into any fanfiction or book along with some prompted writes. Most of the prompts may be angsty so a warning for violence, language, bl...
What would you do?//CREEPYPASTA by PuppetPlayerx
What would you do?//CREEPYPASTAby Mae
WARNING!: Cussing, gore, slight mature stuff, who knows, whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ya want to or not, do whatever ya want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Oc Book!!! by TheNobodyIsReal
Oc Book!!!by Lilith
OC Book For Roleplays by xX_WhatIsLife_Xx
OC Book For Roleplaysby ⚠ Beware ⚠
*breaths as if on other end of phone without talking*
Misspinkdragon101's Book Of Randomness! by Misspinkdragon
Misspinkdragon101's Book Of Skylar-Rose Charisma
|-Kokichi x Shuichi-| (new au?????) by TheRad_FreshSans
|-Kokichi x Shuichi-| (new au?????)by The most radical skeleton tha...
read the warnings to find out lol (btw cover art is not mine, credit to whoever made this art 👌👌👌) ALSO, this wont be as crappy is my old one so enjoy a actual plot
My sketch book by Moof-Boyo
My sketch bookby Brianna Parks
this is of course about my drawings I would like u guys to leave suggestions on what I should draw. hope u enjoy :D
Random things by G0SHDIDDILYDARN
Random thingsby G0SHDIDDILYDARN
things ppl dare me to do, random things I wanna write down, etc.
Drawings And Stuff- by PuppetPlayerx
Drawings And Stuff-by Mae
Drawings, drawings, gotta get them drawings!