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Ship Pics by Official_GayKachan
Ship Picsby Yoongi
Slow updates Random ships And maybe some other shit
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Agent Angel - Marvel by SinglePringleT_T
Agent Angel - Marvelby 20%Crazier
Tiana Dove is a young teenage girl who joins the U.S. military at age nineteen. She was one of the first super soldiers, but no one wanted a foolish girl to be the symbo...
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Legends - TVD by Shooting_MorningStar
Legends - TVDby Shooting_MorningStar
"Use your pixie dust and help our fucking brother!" "I'm fae you uncultured little shit. Pixies are daft cunts!" She hadn't seen her brothers for yea...
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Baby Girl - TVD by Ya_Boi_Anxious_Satan
Baby Girl - TVDby Ya_Boi_Anxious_Satan
Everyone expects the worst from Niklaus Mikaelson. When anyone hears the name, they think of the evil hybrid bastard. A sadistic man who would stop at nothing to get wha...
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Art? by JustAnotherFuck-Up
Art?by JustAnotherFuck-Up
-Cover belongs to it's creator, which is not me- I dunno......I'm gonna post art here I guess...
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Not So Bad - MARVEL by Little-Rebel13
Not So Bad - MARVELby Little-Rebel13
Kit Eva Lynn Stark is a young woman in her early twenties, she's a brilliant girl, just like her cousin Tony Stark, but unlike Tony, Kit grew up on the country side, wit...
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Just An Old Pet [OHSHC] by ViciousKiller
Just An Old Pet [OHSHC]by #Black_Wings
Hi, I'm Shiro, I'm a kitsune, half human, half fox. I'm 16 years old, and very well the last one of my kind. This is my story. Hope you enjoy.
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Go Ahead; Ask me (Almost) Anything! by PleasantAueter
Go Ahead; Ask me (Almost) Anything!by BrokenDreams
I think the title is pretty self-explanatory: you can ask me (almost) anything. I came up with the idea of a reader/author interactive story one day when I was pondering...
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Little Trouble - Descendants by Lovably_Insane
Little Trouble - Descendantsby Lovably_Insane
Emily is a child from the Isle of the Lost, and Carlos De Vil's baby sister, she's a little eccentric troublemaker who loves coloring and sweets.
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Little Demon - GF by SinglePringleT_T
Little Demon - GFby 20%Crazier
Dusk is confronted by Bill and Dipper to help confront her and Bill's older brother.
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All the weirdness that comes from me by astrongmarshmallow
All the weirdness that comes Little wolf child
This book is about my weird everyday life and for stuff I want to share!! Highest rank: #3 stuffandthings 8/4/18 #3 myeverydaylife 8/7/18 #1 mentalemotional 8/7/18
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Damaged - OHSHC by Lovably_Insane
Damaged - OHSHCby Lovably_Insane
Haninozuka Emiko transfers to Ouran Private Academy and decides to surprise visit her brother and cousin.
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Not Alone - Descendants FF! by BitchImFuckingFab
Not Alone - Descendants FF!by BitchImFuckingFab
Descendants is owned by Disney! I own my oc's. Meta Nalani is an amazing gymnast who's won multiple national competitions. She's best friends with three of the most popu...
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Just Little Things by TomandNaj
Just Little Thingsby Taj ❤
Random shit for me and Naj
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I Have A Mind, Too by prncssparanoia
I Have A Mind, Tooby ♤unnecessary♤
Turns out, my social studies teacher was wrong. I do have an opinion on things.
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The Last One - VLD by Blissfully_Crazy
The Last One - VLDby Satan
Rae is a Galran Prisoner who's saved by the Paladins of Voltron.
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