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Spirited Away: The Wait by morninwarri0r
Spirited Away: The Waitby morninwarri0r
[REWRITTEN VERSION] Twelve years later, Chihiro decides that waiting is no longer an option.
  • sen
  • oginochihiro
  • ogino
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Spirited Away- Chihiro Returns (Paused) by AmeliaRead3
Spirited Away- Chihiro Returns ( Amelia Read
6 years after leaving the Spirit World, Chihiro is fed up of waiting for Haku to fulfil his promise. She finally manages to return and reunite with her old friends, most...
  • wattys2017
  • studioghibli
  • danger
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Lucky Art and Stuff by poppeteyt
Lucky Art and Stuffby ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴
I just put some of my drawings on here. They are not very good but I put all of my effort into each and every one of these! Traditional, digital, pixel art, you name it...
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • sketch
  • art
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My Little Ghibli by ZeroKing2010
My Little Ghibliby ZeroKing2010
Anna Sasaki moves into the castle of Howl Pendragon and has a series of adventures with her new friends oddly similar to those from a certain show about techinicolor hor...
  • whenmarniewasthere
  • fromuponpoppyhill
  • thetaleofprincesskaguya
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Desires within the Heart by KairiOfHearts
Desires within the Heartby KairiOfHearts
Story description *Temporarily On Hold * Have you ever wondered what happened to Seiji Amasawa? Or what has happened to Shizuku Tsukishima? Do you ever wonder how ther...
  • seijiamasawa
  • adventure
  • romance
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brotherly love by noah-kun
brotherly loveby Peter Benjamin Parker
so since you all know my love for spirited away I want to make my own story about this world and the twist is that it's about if me and @maxi-bear were brothers. Now I d...
  • noah
  • spiritedaway
  • studioghibli
The Cat Statue by EmiSaurous
The Cat Statueby Emily Collins-Yifan
As Sasuki and Nikki set out to look for something interesting and new for the painter they instead find a very interesting Cat Statue...What will this antique bring alon...
  • whispersoftheheart
  • suspense
  • adventures
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As I Dream by happilyoblivious
As I Dreamby :)
Keiko, a very innovative, creative girl. She is known to have the brightest mind, but is also despised on how it won't do her any good. She wishes that one day her paren...
  • adventure
  • imagination
  • studioghibli
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Child of the Toxic Jungle by Ginger_Tabby
Child of the Toxic Jungleby Super Nerd
About three years after the Tolmekians leave the Valley of the Wind, something strange and unexpected is revealed from deep within the Toxic Jungle...
  • anime
  • nausicaaofthevalleyofthewind
  • studioghibli
Memory by zenmydatta
Memoryby ezzie boi
It's been 8 years since Chihiro left the spirit world behind, forgetting those who made the strongest impressions in her life. Once again she is leaving a comfort, packi...
  • adventure
  • studioghibli
  • love
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The search for the catbus by that_smol_vegan
The search for the catbusby Ali
Totoro fan fiction
  • anime
  • totoro
  • fanfiction
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ADMINS. by ghiblicommunity
#12 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
where you'll get to know us admins better and where you could apply to be one yourself! © ghiblicommunity
  • community
  • form
  • studioghibli
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X Reader Onehshots by Neko_Doll8
X Reader Onehshotsby Neko_Doll8
Various oneshots including your favorite characters! The onehots include: Creepypastas Legend of Zelda Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul 13 Reasons Why Riverdale Youtubers Fa...
  • harrypotter
  • fnaf
  • fairytail
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Random Anime Quotes~! by Hetalia_Tarlac
Random Anime Quotes~!by <3
I just like quotes and why not post my favorite ones?
  • mirainikki
  • swordartonline
  • datealive
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My Neighbor Totoro: The Alternate Ending by FairyTailFan2003
My Neighbor Totoro: The FairyTailFan2017
This is the First Studio Ghibli Creepypasta Ever Created!
  • creepypasta
  • studioghibli
13years later by ErikaGalindo926
13years laterby Erika Galindo
Ponyo will be turning 18 in a couple of weeks this will be the following weeks before and after here party {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}}{}{}}{}}}}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • ponyo
  • studioghibli
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