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Write. by Mike_I_am
#1 Mike
Everyone's writing process is different, but it is often useful and interesting to hear how other authors work and think, so take from me what helps you and discard the...
  • characters
  • writinghelp
  • storytelling
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Marked by TinselStar
Markedby ❄️❄️❄️
As soon as you turn eighteen you get marked. It's a little symbol on your wrist. It tells you your job, where you're supposed to live, and who your soulmate is. But I do...
  • dystopian
  • romance
  • young-adult
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How to Write a Book by isabellagrace4
How to Write a Bookby ᴮᴱᴸᴸᴬ
A guide to helping you with your writing skills. These are a few of my tips and tricks to writing.
  • structure
  • writing
  • story
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I Thought I Was Beaching It [BOYxBOY] by Mouki21
I Thought I Was Beaching It [ ENJOY!
Sye Vettori enters his summer vacation on the high hopes of spending the holidays at the beach looking for a girlfriend with his best friend. A call from his mother prov...
  • meddling
  • honeysuckle
  • boys
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The Book Of Eccentric Poems by writeandlive022
The Book Of Eccentric Poemsby Nicole Alexanders
Written poetry , each unique and different. Posted every Tuesday , Thursday ,and Saturday.
  • collection
  • pain
  • redemption
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Wattpads Editing by xdEDITORSxd
Wattpads Editingby xdEDITORSxd
Wattpad is an environment where creative genius can thrive and inspire others. Over the past three years, I have read thousands of stories all of which have amazed me in...
  • editors
  • storyline
  • wattpadeditors
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For The Forgetful- The Complete Writer's Guide by FiskLiterary
For The Forgetful- The Complete FiskLiterary
If you're struggling with punctuation, dialogue, spelling or grammar, have a read of this simple guide to the components of writing, copyright, and publishing. [UNEDITED...
  • basics
  • write
  • reference
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Improve Your Writing by HaleySulich
Improve Your Writingby Haley Sulich
A quick guide on fiction writing. As a content editor, I've read many manuscripts over the years. In this guide, I'll go over the main weaknesses I often see in manuscri...
  • editingguide
  • pacing
  • book
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《Updated 2018》How to write an eye catching synopsis! + create a story idea! by ShizunLi
《Updated 2018》How to write an Shizun
How to write an eye catching Synopsis! My three steps of the Synopsis-Structure-Build! The best one in my opinion! Including with examples!
  • tips
  • help
  • plot
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Discussion by cochardjohnsen44
Discussionby cochardjohnsen44
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  • structure
  • various
  • partner
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Society by tasiamaccormac36
Societyby tasiamaccormac36
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  • high
  • despite
  • week
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Xigmadda - The Wisdom  by AhmedHeersare
Xigmadda - The Wisdom by Ahmed Aden Dheel (Heersare)
Aqoon Diini iyo Maadiba ah kana hadlayso Dunida iyo waxa ay tahay.
  • kind
  • poem
  • wisdom
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Situation by healydininny22
Situationby healydininny22
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  • minute
  • come
  • product
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The Best Free Writer's Resources on the Net by Nandi_taylor
The Best Free Writer's Resources Nandi Taylor
These sites, videos and podcasts will help you take your writing to the next level. If there's anything I love as much as writing, it's learning about writing, and I'm c...
  • author
  • self-publishing
  • how-to
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Stand by meghannbohannon14
Standby meghannbohannon14
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  • exactly
  • guy
  • cup
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Sestina of my First Love by Its_Irrelevant
Sestina of my First Loveby Mataya Loren
  • perfection
  • structured
  • acceptance
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Low by cordelieaharonian64
Lowby cordelieaharonian64
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  • growth
  • begin
  • fear
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Right by thebaultvisch28
Rightby thebaultvisch28
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  • skin
  • american
  • represent
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House by edmondsgrossi48
Houseby edmondsgrossi48
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  • hope
  • least
  • rich
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Pay by gasperonisword62
Payby gasperonisword62
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  • business
  • create
  • choose
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