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He Saw Me by lovelymamajadee
He Saw Meby lovelyjadee
Newly 19 year old intersex boy Melvoni gets sent to live with his older drug lord brother and his wife and kids because of the trouble he was in He thinks it's a waste...
How to Write a Book by isabellagrace4
How to Write a Bookby ᴮᴱᴸᴸᴬ
A guide to helping you with your writing skills. These are a few of my tips and tricks to writing.
Mental Illness registry: The Wattpad (((author)))  by Im_Stuff
Mental Illness registry: The Stuff
Welcome to this half advice, half rant Wattpad "book" where I will shit on you and you will agree with me. Of course, do feel free to ping anyone who will need...
How To Write Good: A Lightly Salted Guide to Stepping Up Your Wattpad Game. by FCCleary
How To Write Good: A Lightly FCCleary
People will tell you writing is hard. That's a load of crap. Anyone with a pencil can scrawl a line of graphite across a page and call themselves a writer. Does that mea...
For The Forgetful- The Complete Writer's Guide by FiskLiterary
For The Forgetful- The Complete FiskLiterary
If you're struggling with punctuation, dialogue, spelling or grammar, have a read of this simple guide to the components of writing, copyright, and publishing. [UNEDITED...
Eclectic Rhetoric by ScottArroy
Eclectic Rhetoricby Scott Arroy
This is my first poetry book but please don't overlook. I've made writing in any form my kind of poetry norm! I really hope you enjoy and consider being my envoy. Here...
《Updated 2021》How to write an eye catching synopsis! + create a story idea! by ShizunLi
《Updated 2021》How to write an Shizun
How to write an eye catching Synopsis! My three steps of the Synopsis-Structure-Build! The best one in my opinion! Including with examples!
Photo Diary by IAmStasia
Photo Diaryby IAmStasia
I put my photos here to put them here, I don't know. I don't have to eXpLaiN to you. ||Feel free to save/download my photos! || Please ask for permission if /re-uploadi...
Let's Write Using English by fanyawomenly
Let's Write Using Englishby nia fanya
Disini bukan berisi tulisan karya tulis 😂😂😂😂 Tapi hanya berisi materi yang berhubungan dengan bahasa Inggris ✌️✌️✌️✌️ Semoga bermanfaat untuk kalian semua khususny...
17 by arbevmo
17by Mental Etchings
Haiku poetry in the 5-7-5 syllable format. Many themes inside, but always seventeen syllabi.