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Strong Heart by _LightInDark
Strong Heartby yananshiii
❝It takes a strong heart to win this battle, called love.❞ © 2019 - yananshiii All rights reserved.
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Denouement by Ayushimishra5
Denouementby Ayushi Mishra
denouement means the outcome of a situation ,when something is decided or made clear. in this piece i have written about ones determination ,how a person never backs d...
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Insta Love !! by z_fairy
Insta Love !!by z_fairy
She is innocent, yet she acts strong. She is beautiful but still self conscious . she acts like a stone... No feelings no emotions but yet her life is like a flower acco...
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Paper Hearts | soon. by _LightInDark
Paper Hearts | yananshiii
SOON | ALIYA NICOLE JACOB'S STORY ❝I hate this part, paper hearts.❞ © 2019 - yananshiii All rights reserved.
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My Superstar Lover by sydstrongheart
My Superstar Loverby sydstrongheart
Si Jezz ay isang assistant Director na ang pangarap ay makagawa siya ng sariling pelikula at maging isa sa pinaka sikat na direktor sa mundo ng pelikula ngunit iba ang l...
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Farewell by starbucks96
Farewellby starbucks96
Short poem dedecated to the students passing the school life.And last byee to everyone.
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You and I by starbucks96
You and Iby starbucks96
Its about your u can go so crazy for someone ..u will feel it from inside that there is sumthng real about this poem that can touch your heart or remind sum m...
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Nature by starbucks96
Natureby starbucks96
There u go with a touch of nature in ur so busy deadly life
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Random Rantings by a Random Girl by nerd_at_home
Random Rantings by a Random Girlby Avalon Greene
[COMPLETED] She is nearly an adult, with opinions of her own. She wants to get out of the bonds of gender discrimination that the typical Indian society tries to bind h...
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Specific Mumblings by a Young Woman by nerd_at_home
Specific Mumblings by a Young Womanby Avalon Greene
Third book in the "Random Rantings" poetry series. Now, she's not only mature, but also a woman of substance. She knows what she wants and she won't rest unti...
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Love hurts by Pudds789
Love hurtsby Pudds789
When crystal, the rebellious teenager decides To take a trip to Paris from Scotland and meets jack, also troubled in the same ways as crystal, what will happen when two...
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The Wasted Soul by 20notalone14
The Wasted Soulby 20notalone14
How blunt is reality? Very much, I suppose. Every single line which will be written in the book will drip with the harsh reality. A pain so hard that you'll feel it. I...
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Everywhere, Always by iamnothere2368
Everywhere, Alwaysby It’s Not Me
Kaisley and Kaiser Strongheart are twins. Standing out from birth into their terrible world, these two, for their strength was unbeatable, and their valor unmatchable. K...
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Fever Dream by RichardHigley
Fever Dreamby Richard Higley
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fifteen letters for the broken heart by anisfhmyy
fifteen letters for the broken anisfhmyy
weekly supply of positive vibes
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Random Rantings by a Matured Girl by nerd_at_home
Random Rantings by a Matured Girlby Avalon Greene
[COMPLETED] A sequel to the book, "Random Rantings by a Random Girl". She is now an adult, trying to fit into the tight-knit society. She wants to prove hersel...
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The Day Victor Bruntley Died; by flowercrownenoch
The Day Victor Bruntley Died;by Haz .
The worst moment that dawned onto them all was whenever they tried convincing him to stay, he seemed to want to leave more. He felt he had to leave, as if nothing would...
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