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Cattleya by AdrianaAlicia95
Cattleyaby Adriana Rico
***Content warning*** 18+ ONLY - Mature theme -Strong language Cattleya has everything she could ever want. She is jaw droppingly beautiful, her demeanor demands respect...
Alex Ernst x reader  by Ezzy_the_bomb
Alex Ernst x reader by Emily reyes
You are David's twin sister and younger by a few seconds. You have feelings for your brothers best friend Alex that you have for now one else I know it may be weird but...
Who Are You? (Creepypasta Fan fiction) (Ben x Reader) by LovelySongsLonelyppl
Who Are You? (Creepypasta Fan Maybe you're not so bad
Y/N is a peculiar being. She is no longer mortal. She in fact is immortal. She killed her family. Want to know how this happened? Well, read the story to find out! I'm...
YOUNG LOVE  by Ezzy_the_bomb
YOUNG LOVE by Emily reyes
Mark,Felix, and Ethan end up fighting for jacks heart who will win his love!? What if some of them are Neko or inu
The Escape Of SCP-106 by uglystinkyhippo
The Escape Of SCP-106by Erotic Butters
You are trapped in SCP-106's you have what it takes to be set free? Or will your life be destroyed within the dimension you have been dragged to...?
FRIENDSHIP REDEFINES LOVE || Runner Up Of Mystic Awards 2018 || by shrilaxminair
|| Runner up of Mystic Awards 2018 || Hey ppl , I'm Shrilaxmi Nair and I'm an 18 year old First year BCS student. Please do enjoy this story and pls vote fr it.. and I...
Love My Thug(Editing) by RealityTrina
Love My Thug(Editing)by RealityTrina
It Takes a Man To Be A Man
Yes, My Queen by Call_Me_Erotica
Yes, My Queenby Desire_is_mine
It was year 1820 and the world had fallen into a great darkness. All around Kings and Queens of greed and desire rose to power, destroying the world as we know it. Ther...
Viper by brand236
Viperby brand236
I'm Silver but they call me Viper for the past six years I have been nothing but a test subject for a company called " Vaper net " . Vaper net is a group of p...
Betrayed by 80sobsessedbetch
Betrayedby 80sralphmacchio
Jadah and Daniel have been the closest of friends but one day Daniel meets a girl named Ali and Jadah and Daniel's friendship fades away. Once Daniel stops talking to Ja...
The power of Wrath by Legendkiller2003
The power of Wrathby Jordan O'Connor
Story of the life of ruin and how he became to be the paragon of wrath
𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐦♡. by euqhiora
𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐦♡.by luna ♡.
Welcome to Miyazaki Academy. School est since 1956. Character's names Camari- Kiyomi Alisa- Kirashima Magni - Sayuri Marcus - Tsubaki Jemima -Satomi Breianna - Akari Van...
The family  by TWENTYONEKATSkillme
The family by TWENTYONEKATSkillme
Stuff happens in this please read it cause I'm desperate for love and affection
Cause and effect  by thatsnicole17
Cause and effect by NicolePrice
All I've ever wanted was to live a happy and normal life. One where the parents were only strict because they cared, and one where the home smelled of cookies every Sun...
Osculator by kallisto_not
Osculatorby kallisto_not
Osculator - One who kisses or one who is kissed.
Desperation by starr_Talented
Desperationby Aiyanna Zhainai Payton
16 year old A'naya isnt like most teenagers. She knows what and who she wants in life. Never having much she knows the true meaning of the word "Struggle". N...
Grand HighBlood by -Amygdala-
Grand HighBloodby -Amygdala-
info: the Grand HighBlood (a.k.a GHB) is not my character this is just a short fanfic of him..he's originally made by Andrew Hussie who's created the amazing, intricate...
AmberPrice ~Best story ever~ JK by thzweirdperson
AmberPrice ~Best story ever~ JKby thzweirdperson
Hello! So this is a fan fiction about chloe and Rachel and umm yeah! I hope you like it and read it until you DROP!