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♛𝐊𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄♛ by Briiyannaaa
♛𝐊𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄♛by Kanyeezy🧞‍♀️
" '𝑪𝒂𝒖𝒔𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒃𝒓𝒐𝒌𝒆 𝒐𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅, 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒘𝒐. 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒄𝒉𝒐𝒐𝒔𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒇�...
  • gắng
  • thuglove
  • urbanfiction
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Melanin Addiction | NBA Youngboy  by writerguru3164
Melanin Addiction | NBA Youngboy by WriterGuru
RaeKwon is looking for love in a stripper name Paris, but little do he know he had met Paris before but under different circumstances. When it comes to light who Paris r...
  • love
  • stripper
  • nbayoungboy
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Outcast by Social_Rej3ct
Outcastby Social_Rej3ct
I am not a favorite child. I am not your normal girl. I am not a spoiled brat. I am not a super model. I am an outsider. I don't have friends. I am alone. I have no one...
  • thick
  • tomboy
  • romance
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My addiction (Jikook) by kookiemochi5813
My addiction (Jikook)by mochikookie95.97❤️
Jeon Jungkook is a 24 year old drug dealer along with his childhood friend, Min Yoongi, 26 year old, and they are both gay. They have been running their business for the...
  • stripper
  • yoongi
  • hoseok
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Love hurts  by louistomlinson28_
Love hurts by C 💙
Where Louis works for Harry and doesn't want to leave even if it means being hurt Everyday.
  • 28
  • larrystylinson
  • hurts
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𝑷𝑨𝑷𝑰 𝑫𝑼𝑳𝑪𝑬.          𝑿𝑨𝑵𝑺𝑲𝑰𝑬𝑺. by -lovergal
  • gay
  • sugardaddy
  • stripper
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Dark Paradise  by isolatedxx
Dark Paradise by isolatedxx
Zayora Grey, the name rolls off your tongue like silk. She knows her beauty and her strong will, to become whoever she wanted, have whatever she wanted... Except one th...
  • secrets
  • stripper
  • suduction
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desire ☆ glee by foreverblaine
desire ☆ gleeby 𝓫𝓻𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓮
when closeted sebastian goes to a downtown strip club, he meets kurt hummel who changes his world forever
  • kurt
  • sebastianglee
  • chriscolfer
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WET WILD WINTER || Miley Cyrus by Mafiascoop
Miley is truly the definition of "You Only Live Once" in this story . Her nonstop party life is a very dark & twisted world. Whether it's having sex with count...
  • whitbitch
  • yolo
  • love
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totropahin o jojowain? by flaireworks
totropahin o jojowain?by potato!
inwhich a personal assisatant before now an artist is stuck in a room with eleven dorks named x1, because of boredom they started playing totropahin o jojowain that are...
  • x1
  • stuck
  • trap
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Pink Paradise by HoneyBabyy
Pink Paradiseby Tori Michelle
'Make the money, don't let it make you' -The Players Club After having a fight with her boyfriend of three years, Tavi White flees from her home and becomes a...
  • love
  • adultfiction
  • stripper
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𝐎𝐁𝐒𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐃 ( 𝐙𝐈𝐎𝐍 𝐊𝐔𝐖 4theloveofzion
in which he wants something he can't have. started: 8/31/19 ended: tbd
  • zionkuwonu
  • austinporter
  • music
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OPPRESSED  by traping_jatah
Read it 🤬
  • gun
  • stripper
  • money
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Forever isn't forever  by sassyrealone
Forever isn't forever by sassyrealone
This is a book about life situations and just a little taste of everything of a teen mom /stripper/and thug who name is Diamond. Diamond 💍 thought she had falling in lo...
  • gangs
  • teen-mom
  • stripper
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I'm Sorry's, regrets, and mistakes  by dolan_sides
I'm Sorry's, regrets, and mistakes by dolan.sides
In which the stripper must forget
  • ethan
  • grayson
  • ethandolan
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Nights Like This by precioussteen
Nights Like Thisby precious steen
Nami and Miko are the baddest dancers out of St.louis, missouri. but every thing that glitters isn't always gold. They've fought their way out of foster care and now hav...
  • stripper
  • urbanfiction
  • urbanfantasy
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Tarzan: Ethan Version by clairyssa
Tarzan: Ethan Versionby clairyssa
We all know of Tarzan as some wild, dark kid with long hair. Sorry to break the news, but the new Tarzan is crazy, white, and has no hair. Sort of. His name isn't Tarzan...
  • tarzan
  • orangutang
  • stripper
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Rum & Coke | Yaoi Fanfic by ixozaui
Rum & Coke | Yaoi Fanficby zAc
Daniel Lux, a half vampire, broke college art major by day and a seductive, stripper by night. His life is empty up until one night when he meets an awfully attractive m...
  • bondage
  • stripper
  • yaoi
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°%VIBES% ° by iiHaeHaeii
°%VIBES% °by YOU = 🤡
MarkhyucK *~When a struggling orphan Lee Donghyuck meets the well-known gang member Mark Lee at the strip club~* **** _Slow updates_
  • markchan
  • markhyuck
  • stripper
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