Tears of a Clown by Kee_DaGreat
Tears of a Clownby Kee_DaGreat
Is it possible to love when you've never been loved? How do you know the feeling? How can you differentiate between love and hate when the person that was supposed to lo...
  • africanamerican
  • streetlit
  • chicklit
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Insecure (Completed) by officialtajaj
Insecure (Completed)by baby j
in·se·cure ˌinsəˈkyo͝or/ adjective 
(of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious. Yazmine Carter wasn't always the person she is today. But her last rel...
  • quiet
  • deep
  • confidence
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Choices by therealdarkbeauty
Choicesby sbj
This story is private you will have to follow me to read some parts of it. Delete the book out your library, follow me and then add the story back. Still need help? Inbo...
  • urbanfiction
  • fantasy-romance
  • dark
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What I Needby Twankaa 🔴
Follow Chi'Na in her journey to find what she needs . "All isn't good , all isn't great." (Rewriting) Work : #6
  • clarencenyc
  • thick
  • blacklove
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Caretaker | Urban  by yamalex
Caretaker | Urban by Sandra Dee.
Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for...
  • romance
  • streetlit
  • youngadult
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Gunz To The Wind by destinytychelle
Gunz To The Windby dez.
His whole life, all 23 year old Tatum knew was pain. When he was younger his mother would inflict pain on him in every way imaginable. With no father or immediate family...
  • urban
  • life
  • streetlit
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Trapped Soul (Urban) by JaiOdaia
Trapped Soul (Urban)by J.V
Cyntana was a simple girl in an active lifestyle, she ain't never had nothing easy; everything she got she had to work for. Living in west Oakland was no joke when you w...
  • gun
  • nonfiction
  • streetlit
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Delivering Justice (Completed) by mlts2014
Delivering Justice (Completed)by MLTS Territory ®️
This story takes place over five days, during the murder trial of Rawshawn Williams. Following Raw's girlfriend at the time of his death, Xiya Davis and Raw's side chick...
  • law
  • unchaste
  • urban
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Nobody's Business by jadaamourbri
Nobody's Businessby I’m only 16, bye.
Nobody's Business Book One -------------- Morgan has been through a lot in her life . When she turned 14, Morgan's mother died of breast cancer so she had to live wi...
  • drugs
  • londonzhiloh
  • clarencewhite
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My Deal With The Devil by bbb_xx
My Deal With The Devilby ?
He staggers back holding his jaw then wipes he's nose with his other hand. "Bitch" he spits his eyes turning black with anger. "What's wrong Princess...
  • mafia
  • humans
  • teenfiction
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Consequences by therealdarkbeauty
Consequencesby sbj
You need to read Choices to understand what is going on in Part 2. Some parts of the story is private so you need to follow me. If it doesn't work delete the story out y...
  • chicklit
  • abuse
  • gắng
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Big Girl Panties by SwagStarJohnson
Big Girl Pantiesby SwagStar Johnson
My whole life I don watched my two sister's and momma let a man take them down through there. And when I say my momma im sho talking about my no good ass step daddy, who...
  • street
  • urban
  • hood
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More Than Gold [Book Two] by jupiterscript
More Than Gold [Book Two]by ⚜️N A Y A⚜️
Highest Ranking #1 in Chicklit Book Two. "Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve" Golden and Jayceon are still together going strong years later. A...
  • lies
  • wattys2018
  • jupiterscript
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Touchdown  by LovelyMyaaaaaa
Touchdown by LovelyMya💕
Rosaleen is a 23 year old girl that grew up in a foster home that moved from house to house when she turned 18 she was determined to grow out like a blossom flower but...
  • streetlit
  • romance
  • family
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Streets by trapgoddess_
Streetsby Life Of A Princess
The streets were colder than a winter storm. You can love the streets and be as loyal to the streets as much as you want. But the streets will never love you back. Money...
  • love
  • urbanfiction
  • cartel
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Homies (Money Trees Series)  by MyBlackLifeMatterHoe
Homies (Money Trees Series) by 👩🏿‍🎤
Two adolescents; Jermaine "Maine" Holloway and Keshon "Shon" Shelby. Who's just in the eighth grade, living in the cold streets in Detroit, where you...
  • shortstorty
  • fiction
  • drugs
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Money, Power, Respect by storiesyuluv
Money, Power, Respectby A&J Stories
**Do not read until you read book 1&2** (Book3) They say MONEY, POWER, RESPECT is the key to life. Which seems to be true for RL Mafia because it's 7 years later and the...
  • betrayal
  • kekepalmer
  • women
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Not Your Typical Family  by Lil_Bit16
Not Your Typical Family by Lil_Bit16
Book 1- Not your typical thug Book 2- Not your typical love (Alternate ending) Book 3- Not your typical Family
  • trill
  • trust
  • gutta
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Her Eyes 2 by UrbanQueen
Her Eyes 2by aromantic
After a shocking turn of events and revelations, twin sisters Cilia and Iris Hunter are now at odds. The wildness of Cilia and Allele's attempts at gaining money for Iri...
  • triplets
  • urban
  • queenpin
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Broken Promises (Urban) by LexTheAuthor
Broken Promises (Urban)by Lex
(Book One of the Promise Series) Franklin Diaz was an urban legend after his reign of terror over Texas ended. The blood bath and chaos that ensued on one faithful night...
  • urban
  • streetlit
  • hoodlove
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