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"The Siren" || Stosuh story  by bby_cri
"The Siren" || Stosuh story by Vano
Cover by: @Floofie_dreams (ilysm smh❤️💞) Edit: I just want some people to know that the begining of the story, the words and sentences might not make sense because this...
Stephen x Hosuh One-Shots { Discontinuing} by _Ro_Ri_Ri_
Stephen x Hosuh One-Shots { Ro
Title says it all. Possibly slow updates. I apologize.
Hosuh?  by Lux-Lore
Hosuh? by Lux-Lore
Stephen was walking around the city one night, not able to sleep. Until he heard some whimpering in a nearby box and finds a.. a neko.. named Hosuh.
Stosuh lemon by MisterMandarin
Stosuh lemonby Walnut-chan
Warning! Explicit sex scenes! This book will contain lemon oneshots about Stosuh. Stosuh is meant to have the smex. Stosuh is love, Stosuh is life.
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discontinued?] by SequinSnake
It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [ TTATT
Disclaimer - I don't ship the real people, rather the personas they choose to put on their digital characters :) Slowburning fan fiction :0 AU where Stephen doesn't leav...
Sanscest one shots by Jesusesleftnipple
Sanscest one shotsby LittlePissBaby
Ships: Killer x error Nightmare x cross Lust x horror Shattered x horror Dream x epic Reaper x geno Reaper x error Fresh x dream Fresh x dream x epic Error x dream
By The Way, Danplan Oneshots by DysfunctionalRequest
By The Way, Danplan Oneshotsby DysfunctionalRequest
Just a load of oneshots about Danplan, mostly centred around Hosuh and/or angst ;) I will be taking requests Cover art isn't mine, I just liked it.
Ships or dip?? by FanGirlShipperxD
Ships or dip??by SleeplesslySad
So I'm just telling you my favourite ships and telling you why and how much I like the ship also if you want comment ships you like And I'll give my thoughts on them
stosuh oneshots!  by germaphobeboi
stosuh oneshots! by lee ✨
this includes angst, fluff, and smut. (MoStLy sMuT tHo) :3
That's Gay (Stosuh Oneshots) by toxic_bvby
That's Gay (Stosuh Oneshots)by Drink Poison
Just a bunch of Oneshots! There will be part twos, angst, smut, and ten dump trucks of fluff!
The Moon And Back -Stosuh by dolphinplays11
The Moon And Back -Stosuhby Amber...?
Warning: No smut Will include Stosuh, Anniel, JayCat. DanPlan, please don't kill me.
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ActuallyOddDanPlan Oneshots #2 by DanPlanAuthor
ActuallyOddDanPlan Oneshots #2by DanPlan + Danganronpa
a second book for all the fluffy, angsty and au oneshots. expect: fluff angst (either heavy or light angst) Daniel & Elias, of course different/rare ships different aus ...
subject : murder (actuallyoddplanb) by paradoxiaa
subject : murder (actuallyoddplanb)by PANBUR
[THE REWRITTEN VERSION] Welcome, folks, as the rewrite has been started! To those who have read the original, welcome back! To those who have not, welcome to the improve...
Danplan Fire'sPlan by Queentigerwolf
Danplan Fire'sPlanby Neveah
Hi there! My name is Firewind and I'm a magical hybrid! I can teleport, fly, summon items, and more importantly I can travel between worlds instantly. I will interact wi...
danplan incorrect quotes  by hahscrewyall
danplan incorrect quotes by lo
There will be some ships in this and its not only the 3 boy's.
In your arms ~ Stephen x reader~ Kinda memey by Meeshi321
In your arms ~ Stephen x reader~ Follow 4 follow
*So I plan to put some smut in this story. I'm not kidding this time. So, if you can't handle things like that... don't read this pls.* One minute your just talking, ano...
|DISCONTINUED| What is mine, is mine. - Danplan mafia au story by ImExceptionallyAnna
|DISCONTINUED| What is mine, is Anna Bee
Hey, this story is inspired by Roro-Wolfie Two Mafia kings fall in love with two boys, both completely normal. Please consider voting!
subject : murder (aop ft. danplan) by paradoxiaa
subject : murder (aop ft. danplan)by PANBUR
[THE DISCONTINUED VERSION] read the rewrite in my profile! A slice of life story with the God of Fate altering the (former) DanPlan member's personalities. The 'innocent...
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He's Gay From a Picnic by actualplanstan
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He' stan that stans
He didn't like men, at least he didn't think so. Yet when he saw how Hosuh's eyes smiled in time with his lips, he couldn't help but stare, thinking of how beautiful he...