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Allegiance | Kylo Ren by laur_n
Allegiance | Kylo Renby lauren
She was just following orders. [Disclaimer] I do not own Star Wars, or any of its characters. This is merely fanfiction. Star Wars and Kylo Ren are (c) Disney and Luc...
At Vader's Right Hand by Star_of_the_West
At Vader's Right Handby Star of the West
A story that is the third book in my Star Wars series. This story is about the son of a retired clone trooper who joins the Imperial Academy and catches the attention o...
To Make Amends • Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo x reader  by VioletMoon05
To Make Amends • Kylo Ren/ Ben ✧༺♡༻✧
This is a Kylo Ren x reader where (Y/n) was part of the resistance and taken by Kylo Ren. (Y/n) spends a lot of time with Kylo and begins to realise that Ben Solo is sti...
Dark Love (Kylo Ren x Reader) by Lunawink
Dark Love (Kylo Ren x Reader)by Lunawink
At a young age you joined The First Order, so what will happen when the Mysterious Kylo Ren starts paying too much attention to a simple storm trooper? Can you change Ky...
The Dark Side Of The Force by ziggy37
The Dark Side Of The Forceby Ziggy
Ranked #4 Stormtrooper and #7 Force Awakens Kylo Ren's younger sister, Jen was imprisoned by the First Order as her Older Brother saw her potential in the Dark Side. Wil...
Rebel by Noble-7
Rebelby Noble7Jedi
AX-7897, a stormtrooper for the First Order. Sent to Jakku undercover to retrieve a map from a droid. The mission goes wrong and she meets a certain scavenger, and learn...
The Mandalorian x Reader by fan-of-the-fandoms
The Mandalorian x Readerby 𝙳𝚒𝚗 𝙳𝚓𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗
Mando x Female Reader :) Based off the Disney+ series
Opposites Attract (The Mandalorian x Jedi Reader) Star Wars: The Mandalorian by Cheddar7
Opposites Attract (The fried chicken
Suppress the force. They'll never find you. I'm a Mandalorian. This is the way. A jedi padawan on the run from ex-impreials. An ex-bounty hunter betraying the guild in o...
MHA Kyoka Jiro x male reader The Arc Trooper Hero  by SpartainBuck29
MHA Kyoka Jiro x male reader The Spartain Buck29
(Y/N) (L/N) was a Normal boy who was born on earth. A world without quirks or any abilities but he was a fit young guy that was also a nerd. He like star wars but one da...
The Mandalorian x Son Reader by Fireslash97
The Mandalorian x Son Readerby H3LL-SL4Y3R
Y/n Djarin and his father are Mandalorians who have been bounty hunters for some time now. But when they get offered a bounty with an irrefutable reward, they are at odd...
Pistanthro•phobia || Luke Skywalker  by analyzingziam_
Pistanthro•phobia || Luke Lukesgrogu
"I don't believe in trust." Impressive ranks #1 in Mandalorian #1 in Empirestrikesback #1 in Hansolo #1 in Lukeskywalkerxoc #1 in Jedimaster #15 in Sith #5 in...
Taken by the First Order -A Kylo Ren fanfiction- by herondaleproperty
Taken by the First Order -A Kylo Ava
"You think I don't care about you?" Kylo asked, his voice breaking. "I care more about you than there are stars in the galaxy. Believe me, I nearly broke...
Star Wars: The Forgotten Student  by AJstoriesXD
Star Wars: The Forgotten Student by Random Stories😂❤️
"Trust is a two way bond. How can I trust those who don't trust me?" The young Jedi Knight, Delta Nova, dedicated years of her life to the Jedi Order only to...
Medic by thirstyslut
Medicby Star Wars šłüt
I high key suck at writing summaries so just bear with me. Reyna Torres is a medic working with the First Order, after an unfortunate incident she is given the task of c...
The Empire's Arc (Star Wars and RWBY Crossover) by Zilla2000
The Empire's Arc (Star Wars and WV
Jaune Arc, former leader of Team JNPR and former student of Beacon Academy was devastated, and betrayed due to Cardin's act. He was about to lose his life to the Grimm...
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Just A Soldier  by AgentTorterra04
Just A Soldier by AgentTorterra04
Y/N L/N was your average teenager. He had a life. friends, family, and a future. Until a rebel bomb took that all away from him. With a hatred towards the rebels Y/N joi...
The Enhanced Trooper by cooper40039
The Enhanced Trooperby >• Wookie Bookie •<
A real stormtrooper has no room for Sympathy A real stormtrooper is an extension of the First Order...Nothing l...
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic|| COMPLETED by trini110
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic| Trini
When Rey becomes a parental figure to a 6 year old, what could go wrong?.... With Snoke dead and Kylo ren acting as the supreme leader the resistance is yet to face man...
Buckets: A Star Wars Story by Salt-Trooper
Buckets: A Star Wars Storyby Salt Trooper
-Part I of "Heart of Empire, Heart of Rebellion" Series- TK-65780 has been an Imperial stormtrooper for so long that he's forgotten any other name he ever had...
Star Wars Imagines by violaeades
Star Wars Imaginesby mariah
imagines featuring: • Luke Skywalker • Han Solo • Anakin Skywalker • Obi-Wan Kenobi • Finn • Poe Dameron •Kylo Ren/Ben Solo • General Hux Requests are open!