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I love you Sun  by Ludovi08
I love you Sun by Ludovicaaa
Sun è una ragazza semplice , vive a New York, ha 17 anni e più che preoccuparsi per il suo futuro preferisce pensare al presente . Liam , un tipo del quinto, si atteggi...
1000 and More Calls ✔ by leighyeann
1000 and More Calls ✔by Leighyeann A. Mies
Cover by @onederstruck- Movie poster by @chemistric Character cards by @newsies- Playlist by @viciouscupcake- Banner in description by @adeebax_ Typography in descriptio...
Chaos, You and I ( english traduction )  by _Love_Hessa_
Chaos, You and I ( english HESSA_LOVE🥰🦋
Love never asks for permission, it arrives, it displaces you, you live wonderful moments and then boom everything disappears. Love makes us weak and I had let myself be...