Stopracism Stories

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Hypothesis : Love by NocturnalReader99
Hypothesis : Loveby Tanya Leigh
After a lifetime of failing to find love, Kenadie Williams jumps at the chance to enter a social experiment that aims to find the 'perfect partner' for participants. Out...
WE NEED CHANGE! by Ivashkov20
This book is a interactive book. We need change. Be it against sexism, racism or homophobia, global warming or even capatalism. Or supporting BLM, women, LBGTQ+ commun...
Stereotypical [REWRITING] by katalinalitana
Stereotypical [REWRITING]by Katalina Litana
☆FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S MUTLICULTURAL PROFILE☆ {Teen Fiction First Place- The Fiction Wars} Thandiwe Harlow is an ambitious, outspoken girl, and getting pregnant at the v...
Belle's Bakery by -supersonicrose-
Belle's Bakeryby Rosie Cowell
A dialogue story in which a bullied Indian man and an Afro-Caribbean woman have conversations over the phone and get to know each other but will these conversations lead...
The love story of an Arstotzkan Soldier by Iris0747
The love story of an Arstotzkan Iris
(!! IT IS NOT REQUIRES TO KNOW MY OCS OR TO KNOW PAPERS PLEASE TO UNDERATAND THIS BOOK. Yes,there are some references,like some names and the countrys,but nothing more) ...
My art by Bisexual00GOBLIN
My artby ||Andy||
Here are some of the art pieces that I have been making over time (I hate most of them)
      The Way I See The World by DenisaBalan802
The Way I See The Worldby Denisa Balan
this book is written by me,a 14 years old girl who's been bullied and now she is sharing her life experiences via wattpad.Enjoy
Melanin  by ofameaihiokhai12
Melanin by ofameaihiokhai12
We are not going to stop fighting for our rights. Rights to live. Rights to be humans. Rights to exist as blacks.
But I'm Just Like You by MiffyTiger
But I'm Just Like Youby MiffyTiger
Around the 1990s, Mei flew from China to America, hoping to create a better and new life. Sadly, she is disappointed to know that not everybody is treated equally. Every...
Our Line of Misfits by Kritty73
Our Line of Misfitsby Linh Hai Song
Aaliyah Jones, is your typical African American teen living in a city filled with nobles. Everyone there has at least two acre mansions and several business. Her family...
Dark Thoughts by JenniferSimonGolden
Dark Thoughtsby Jennifer Simon-Golden
These are all short poems I have wrote in the last couple of years. Dark thoughts from a truthful dark and maybe twisted scared mind.
My Rant Book by Leviachan_is_Daddy
My Rant Bookby Levi Simp
I dont rant very often, but this is the book of my rants, feel free to read.
Not Your Model Minority by mskimberlylippington
Not Your Model Minorityby Lucina Kim
Aki Sakamura was taking a normal walk to school, things never really happened. That was, until the COVID-19 pandemic. Asian hate crimes were spreading across the world...
Something Worth Fighting For by grainsbluesky
Something Worth Fighting Forby Helen Zhang
This was written for the #shawrocketfundcontest. ***DISCONTINUED*** When Markus is wrongly accused of possessing and selling drugs, five other classmates help him out. M...
CLASSIC SERIES: NO.1 Percy The Little Western Engine  by Percythesmallengine6
CLASSIC SERIES: NO.1 Percy The Percy the small engine no.6 o...
Hello reader Percy's is going to be working on the little western for a while because they need help with the Freight and passagers but he'll be back before you know it...
stop the damn asian hate. by scomaishere
stop the damn asian Scoma
Iᖴ YOᑌ ᗪIՏᗩᘜᖇᗴᗴ ՏᕼᑌT Tᕼᗴ ᖴᑌᑕK ᑌᑭ ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 And of course let us not divide asian and blacks but come together and stand together and be there for each other togeth...
Judgmental by Samantha_dawn1998
Judgmentalby Sammi
Kristen Gomez was a 17 year old girl with a pretty good life with her mom Angel and her sisters Nina and Lilly ; There dad passed away 7 months ago.. ever since everythi...