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The Boy Across The Street by melxdia
The Boy Across The Streetby m e l o d í a
Highest Ranking: #269 {12.16.17} Have you ever done a stupid Dare that got you in a huge embarrassment? Yes of course right! Have you ever went to a crazy party that yo...
No or Yes? (completed) by iylajoon
No or Yes? (completed)by iyla
BOOK 1 OF THE NO? SERIES "So" James drags on the word "What do guys want to do on a nice Monday evening?" "We could kill Archer and hide his bo...
Tutorials and Stolen Kisses by stormynightes
Tutorials and Stolen Kissesby anotherdreamer
✯ Highest Rank: #284 [05.02.17] ✯ Davian Grey West is football captain and everything else that sums up a bad boy. He drinks, he smokes, he cuts class and he breaks the...
Room 94 | Completed ✔️ by dangerouslyhemmings
Room 94 | Completed ✔️by вся кровь
Brandon is dangerous. Room 94 is a mystery. If you solve it, you die. Death was never confirmed to be the final destination. But do you believe in the power of love?
Love Complicates Things  by itsmyjam
Love Complicates Things by Lyss ☽
MayBell and Will have been best friends forever. MayBell can't imagine her life without Will in it. So what happens when Will confesses his love to her and she doesn't...
Possessive Badboy (ongoing) by SARCASTICIGIRL
Possessive Badboy (ongoing)by ☆ lys ☆
With Thea Jones Maxwell returning back to school after a long summer holiday of watch tv shows and eating pizza, there's actually more to herself than just pranks. Thea...
My Boyfriend is My CLICHÉ - A Parody by chocfudgeO
My Boyfriend is My CLICHÉ - A semi-hiatus.
[An unabashedly - and intentional - cliched romance!] Avery is a just an average girl (aren't they all?). She's a bit clumsy, awkward and shy (tick, tick and triple tic...
Lettuce Leaves by sophisticatings
Lettuce Leavesby - ̗̀ 𝓈𝑜𝓅𝒽 ̖́-
"Oh well what on Earth do you want?" "Woah there, you called me. By the way, we have a 30% off sale. Would you like some lettuce perhaps?" "What...
When Stars Collide by StarGirl_09
When Stars Collideby StarGirl_Galaxy
Popular Ethan and an ordinary girl named Rachel met in their last year of high school, both heartbroken due to an event. Five years later, they meet each other again but...
The Fake Relationship Contract by peachygalwaygirl
The Fake Relationship Contractby exhausted
You hate when people see you cry Because you want to be that strong girl. At the same time,though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are. What ha...
Lost Converstions ✓ by mayfaulkner
Lost Converstions ✓by ☼
The conversations between two best friends who were lost in each other's eyes.
Out of the Woods by chlchapman21
Out of the Woodsby chlchapman21
If you don't know the supernatural wor9ld exist Ed? you had hit a girl who is an witch and she sent you to this world that your favorite shows are real? What would you d...
Paris by BloodandRoses512
Parisby BloodandRoses512
Ava Natalie Ares and Colton Summer are in love. They would do anything for each other. No one approves of their relationship. Colton's friends and family thinks she's t...
The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (Vision Arc. Vol. 2) by Dantegoobermdkj
The Ravens of Thri Sahashri ( Feth
Feth was just an ordinary boy. Until his sixteenth birthday, at least. On that day, he began seeing things. About a year later, his father was called on a business trip...
When You're Gone (Of Liberties And Loss, #2) by Lacrine_Sienna
When You're Gone (Of Liberties Gou A. Wei
Seventeen years, ten months, two weeks, three days... Each moment is agony. Every second of every day, George Beaumont is reminded of his young wife's untimely death. W...
The Blacksmiths Apprentice (NOT COMPLETING) by HiddenShadowx
The Blacksmiths Apprentice (NOT Dani
Highest Ranking #193 in Historical Fiction. Lulu is a princess, coming from the royal family of Britain. She's used to high class, good crowns, people worshipping her ev...
The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (Vision Arc. Vol. 1) by Dantegoobermdkj
The Ravens of Thri Sahashri ( Feth
"There was a presence, like wings!" After a year of unexplainable visions, Feth feels no way of escape. When his father gets called on a business trip to Japan...
The Classic Cliché Awards 2017 | CLOSED  by stopclicheshaming
The Classic Cliché Awards 2017 | #Stop Cliché Shaming
Because clichés need to be rewarded too :) Closed until next year! - 2017 edition