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please read ‼️ by bruisedfae
please read ‼️by ━ 𝙼𝙰𝙻𝙸 !
this isn't aesthetic idc it's important. please read and share. don't stay silent.
Demon and Angel by xthatIDIOTx
Demon and Angelby —ᴅ ❥
"Do you want to taste mine?" I held my cone out to her a bit but she only shook her head no almost instantly. "No thank you," she spoke softly. "...
Stray (Jinx, Book 2) by meroceank8921
Stray (Jinx, Book 2)by J.L. Knoll
Now on the run, autistic STEM student/inventor Kathie Holmes and her neko smart pet companion, Jinx, are trying to search for Kathie's missing father and find out how to...
Jinx (Jinx, Book 1) by meroceank8921
Jinx (Jinx, Book 1)by J.L. Knoll
Sixteen-year-old Kathie Holmes, an autistic STEM student of Asian-American descent living in the advanced Skyville sector of New Ark City, is obsessed with the latest cu...
Alex by IamKelci
Alexby Kyle Jarrett
"Do you know how many times i've got off to the thought of you riding and sucking my dick dirty slut? How would you look trembling underneath me while i ruin your b...
please read this. by usedcondom
please read 𖤐
please spread the awareness.
TXT 6th Member: You're My Crown  by hannahmei18
TXT 6th Member: You're My Crown by Hannah Winters
Aimi Lee Matsuzka is a daughter of the most popular American singer and Asian/German actress, Summer Winters, her father is an actress as well but not really popular in...
HATE IS A PANDEMIC by mymockingjay12
PLEASE READ THIS, ITS SO, SO IMPORTANT AND HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to speak up about this because staying silent is almost as bad as allowing this to...
Imperfect Paradise by lDarkFirel
Imperfect Paradiseby Dark
Paradise. An ideal place that holds your happiness. Everyone has their paradise that is unique, special, meaningful. To them, their paradise is perfect, flawless, and m...
Stop AAPI Hate - What YOU Can Do by stopaapihate
Stop AAPI Hate - What YOU Can Doby Stop AAPI Hate
For any AAPI's, Asians, and allies wondering what they can do to #StopAsianHate.
Badly-Written Poems by littlemiss_miaa
Badly-Written Poemsby littlemiss_miaa
A book of poems, which all cover a range of topics. Hope you like them <3
Stockholm Syndrome And HeroWork by Jotar0Kuj0
Stockholm Syndrome And HeroWorkby JotaroKuj0
AHAHAHA IM SO EXITED TO WRITE THIS OMFG ANYWAYS Endeavor x M!!reader (nsfw)(gore) DISCLAIMER- I don't own any of the stuff exept for the topics and shit, anyways lmao I'...
Of COVID-19 and Racism by Anonymous52607
Of COVID-19 and Racismby Anonymous52607
A portrait of how the COVID-19 pandemic affects a school and how Lily Chen stands up for the truth at the cost of her friendship. Short story for the Home Before Dark co...
In the Mind by ihat3y0u3000
In the Mindby capthecrip
Rosalina was always looking at things outside the box. Always doing things different than everyone else, she found herself in a strange situation.
please read by lovesicklucky
please readby ☆ 𝐥𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 ★
my take on the anti-asian stuff happening, i am asian, so please don't be confused if i write 'our community'. thank you for taking the time to read this. it's very impo...
李梦燕博士 by Pandoracamillesara
李梦燕博士by Pandoracamillesara
Lies and deceptions will eventually be exposed. With the scientific conclusion that the new coronavirus is a product of natural evolution has been widely recognized by t...
Love at first sight {18+} by IamKelci
Love at first sight {18+}by Kyle Jarrett
LGBTQ story. Homophobic mfs shal be blocked. leave before mi block uh. took place in Jamaica. dont ask no questions. Read to find out. And for more emphasis it's a girl...