Percy Jackson. Chaos Army. by poisonapplecat
Percy Jackson. Chaos Elis Enney
Percy had been missing for 30 days. Perseus had been serving Chaos for 30 years. It was only inevitable he'd have to see his home again one day. DISCONTINUED LAST REAL...
  • chaos
  • thalia
  • army
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✔️ Before It Dies | Tratie  by raspberryfanfics
✔️ Before It Dies | Tratie by A N N🕯E
[#1 in Tratie] "You don't love me." Her voice shook, and tears were staining her shirt. "I do love you Katie." I managed to choke out. "I'd do a...
  • pjo
  • katie
  • stoll
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Connor Stoll and Skylar Parker by nailsnhairlove
Connor Stoll and Skylar Parkerby nailsnhairlove
Connor Stoll fanfiction! 2nd in the Not As Important Demigod series! This is probably going to be a really basic and mushy romance...
  • connor
  • riordan
  • action
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A tratie love life by CHBfangirl10
A tratie love lifeby tiffany venegas
when Travis and katie go to school. to when they are parents. What will happen? read to find out!😀💖 read my other 2 storys, click on my name!
  • tratie
  • stoll
  • chb
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A Stollen Heart  by lil__nugget__
A Stollen Heart by Gadiel
Connor stoll x reader There is not enough stories about just connor so I've decided to make one. It will be full of lots of fluff! Absolutely no lemon. It will have v...
  • xreader
  • connorstoll
  • percyjackson
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If HOO had instagram: A sequel  by ChellaPrice
If HOO had instagram: A sequel by Marchella Price
"Do you remember?" He asked me. A sad smile came upon my lips and I closed my eyes, breathing out the words as if they would be my last. Images of us made me w...
  • katie
  • nico
  • hazel
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Love and War- Tratie by Magicstra
Love and War- Tratieby Magicstra
Katie has always had a secret crush on Travis. Travis has always had a secret crush on Katie. So when Aphrodite interferes, will their love become more than just a cru...
  • katie
  • tratie
  • half
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Percy Jackson and HoO Truth or Dare fanfiction by teamleo814
Percy Jackson and HoO Truth or That Girl Named Pearl
Ever been in a truth or dare war with some of the most sarcastic, powerful and scheming demigods of this century? You don't want to. Reputations will be ruined in this b...
  • fanfic
  • percy
  • leo
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Smile - Connor Stoll (PJO/HOO) by jessicahde
Smile - Connor Stoll (PJO/HOO)by raisingirl
This story is a (very) short romance with Connor Stoll that takes place during Heroes of Olympus. I had this story in mind for a few years and I just really wanted to wr...
  • connor
  • hoo
  • olympus
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The life of Travis and Katie: When hate turns to love ♥ by WiseGirlW
The life of Travis and Katie: _endy
Travis and his younger brother Connor have lived in Camp Half Blood ever since their mother died and the family they had left didn't want to care for the 2 little troubl...
  • adults
  • connor
  • tratie
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Jake Mason and the Human by nailsnhairlove
Jake Mason and the Humanby nailsnhairlove
Jake Mason Fanfiction! 3rd of my Not As Important Demigod Series. This is going to be totally fluffy and cheesy and sappy.
  • stoll
  • mason
  • jackson
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The Lost Demigods (Connor Stoll Fanfic) by ImApollosDaughter
The Lost Demigods (Connor Stoll Yoongi's Gurl
This story is out of order 'coz... Well just because I'm too lazy to keep it up. Still you are always welcome to read the 9 short chapters of it... When Chiron asks Trav...
  • stoll
  • nico
  • connor
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Seeing The Percybilities by sagariolily
Seeing The Percybilitiesby Wild flower
What happens when the Fates, a bored Primortal, and two bored Gods send Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Nico, Piper, Hazel, Frank and the Stolls to the past. A lot of drama will h...
  • twilight
  • grace
  • harrypotter
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Half-Bloods in Highschool by Jamiona1037
Half-Bloods in Highschoolby Jamiona1037
This is a story about the PJO and HoO crew going to high school. The demigods will have to face Jocks, Sluts, Drama, Sports, Homework, and school. Come and explore the a...
  • jasper
  • percyjackson
  • nico
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Heroes Rise | | Zoë Jackson  by riptide_nalu
Heroes Rise | | Zoë Jackson by Akua
~✮~ Thalassophile (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean ~✮~ Zoë Jackson. Eldest daughter of King Percy and Queen Annabeth. Daughter. Sister. Friend...
  • camphalfblood
  • jasongrace
  • thaliagrace
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What Friends Are For (Connor x Reader x Leo) by 10PtsToGryffindor
What Friends Are For (Connor x 🔱Clare🔱
Just a classic CHB love triangle with everyone's favorite characters, Leo and Conner.
  • conner
  • stolls
  • chb
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Stollen {A Connor Stoll x OC} by DatOneAnimeGirl
Stollen {A Connor Stoll x OC}by saMEME (FANDOM TRASH)
It may be a little OOC Yes I'm aware it's spelled wrong, it's a pun... Dawn Winters had a normal life, until a Minotaur found her mother and her. Thank the gods they su...
  • aphrodite
  • connorstoll
  • apollo
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It's one sunny and peaceful day at Camp Half Blood!!! Everything is calm! No monsters, no dangerous quests, No evil powers! All campers are doing their stuff like traini...
  • stoll
  • percy
  • brothers
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Just Happen, Tratie by ZezeeGoesBananas
Just Happen, Tratieby ZezeeGoesBananas
Travis Stoll and Katie Gardener, what an unlikely relationship. Who knows what will happen when Katie gives Travis a chance. I don't own any of these characters (except...
  • travisandkatie
  • quest
  • katiegardener
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