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(Stingsu ) Different kind of mission by NeoMysOTP
(Stingsu ) Different kind of kawaii Llama
Natsu is sent to Sabertooth by Erza for a few days, because she thinks he should find a partner, as many relationships are blossoming in the Fairy Tail guild. Whilst the...
Key To My Heart (GraTsu) by The_DCruz_Missile
Key To My Heart (GraTsu)by Gems D'Cruz
Highest Rank : #42 In Mystery/Thriller (Reached on 13/04/17) Based on true incidents!! The story dates back to the late 1950s and revolves around a Naval Officer Gray Fu...
Heart and Soul (Stingsu, Sting X Natsu)! by FairyFan126472
Heart and Soul (Stingsu, Sting X FairyFan
What happens when Sting and Rogue are beaten by Natsu in the grand magic games?! Well... we've seen that! What happens when they were beaten so horribly they were knocke...
Don't hold your breath (Stingsu) by yilda14
Don't hold your breath (Stingsu)by Ayumi_Dragneel
This is a story inspired by the song "Don't hold your breath" by Nicole Scherzinger. In this story Natsu gets his heart broken by Gray and leaves Fairy Tail be...
to be forsaken. | Fairy Tail by KIIRO-
to be forsaken. | Fairy Tailby 독자 Reader
To know was a blessing, but at the same time, it was a curse. Change was terrifying. It is common knowledge that change is inevitable and most would say that changing co...
Stingsu|| oblivious (18+) by stingsuuuxxx
Stingsu|| oblivious (18+)by stingsuuuxxx
What happens when a dense pyro comes in contact with a seductive blonde...we'll that's for you to find out
A Cherry Blossom Sunrise (Stingsu fanfic) by Blossoming-Sunrise
A Cherry Blossom Sunrise ( Euphia
(This is my first story so sorry if it is bad...) The fairy tail guild defeated Acnologia but still got stuck in the fairy's fear spell. After seven years five guilds co...
It's Just A Prank 2 by Nikkibluestone
It's Just A Prank 2by Nikkibluestone
Natsu and gray have been dating for a month now. But one thing leads to another and ends in a huge fight. Will Natsu find a new lover and will he find his way back to gr...
(Stingsu) If Sabertooth Had Won by NeoMysOTP
(Stingsu) If Sabertooth Had Wonby kawaii Llama
Surely Fairy Tail will have to disband after their defeat right? Well, what if the new Master of Sabertooth makes an offer with the defeated Guild... and that offer invo...
The Fairy and the Saber (Fairy Tail, Stingsu) by Annette_ConAsra69
The Fairy and the Saber (Fairy Jenivy Annette
It all started with the Betting game in Sabertooth. Honestly, Sting Eucliffe thought his life was over when he was forced to ask his idol, Natsu Dragneel, out on a date...
his dragonslayer  by SeraphimFawn-fallen
his dragonslayer by lavender
it's mating season for dragon and demon slayers and now a certain two are trying their best to conceal their feelings for one another but being In heat doesn't help them...
Fixing A Dragon's Broken Heart (GraTsu) by yilda14
Fixing A Dragon's Broken Heart ( Ayumi_Dragneel
This is my first Gratsu fanfic! In the future i might do a StingSu version of this story. Natsu is in love with Gray, when he's going to confess he hears something that...
Fighting With Feelings by foundmykee
Fighting With Feelingsby Poisoned Potato
Natsu Dragneel was a playboy in his school. He would sleep with girls or boys. He didn't care. Even though he sleeps with boys and girls, there was someone in his h...
Catching your heart by Forever_Love_Anime
Catching your heartby Forever_Love_Anime
Natsu. Natsu attends a high school named magnolina High. He enrolled as a fire make wizard even tho he isn't. He's sure he can keep it a secret while he waits for 'the t...
BROTHERS  by MegumiAiFujiwara
BROTHERS by MegumiAiFujiwara
Zeref is very overprotective over his kid brother Natsu. When Natsu starts on a new school, Zeref does something unexpected. He gets a job there and dresses up as a teac...
to call a family. | Fairy Tail | Stingsu by KIIRO-
to call a family. | Fairy Tail | 독자 Reader
When Natsu joined Sabertooth, he didn't expect to be so loved. He just joined on a whim, really, since the disbandment of his guild- Fairy Tail- had affected him greatly...
Good Or Bad Gratsu/Stingsu by GeniusPintar
Good Or Bad Gratsu/Stingsuby Genius Pintar
Let's just say Natsu is an immortal mage fire dragon slayer and in love with gray. but the problem is gray hates him because he is E.N.D. so one day Natsu called gray to...
the artists shadow (roguexreader) by fairy_tailshipz
the artists shadow (roguexreader)by fairy_tailshipz
Y/n eucliffe is the twin sister of sting eucliffe, started the first year of high school at fiore high. in her animation class she made friends with a boy named rogue Ch...
The Fire and White Dragons by LibbyBrinkmann
The Fire and White Dragonsby Elizabeth Ann Brinkmann
This takes place during the Grand Magic games Sting x Fem Natsu story and Lector x Happy story too.
Notice Me (Sting x Natsu)  by RiriDesu
Notice Me (Sting x Natsu) by Riri
Here is another cliche story of Sting pretending to be a male and falling for Natsu. However, is it really your cliche generbend love story? Natsu,as dense as he is, fa...