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My KOTLC Fan Cast by B-Fried
My KOTLC Fan Castby Rebecca
Exactly as the title says👍🏻. I love KOTLC sooooo much!!! It's my all time favorite series, and I think there should be a movie (or show). But what is a movie without...
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Soulmates (Kotlc Human AU) by SophieandKeefe
Soulmates (Kotlc Human AU)by Em
When you turn sixteen, a tattoo appears on your wrist showing what your soulmate is like. When they die it fades to black and soon disappears. When you kiss them, it glo...
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Kotlc Oneshots by kotlcgang
Kotlc Oneshotsby was @elemetine
read the title ! contains all ships, and characters from the kotlc series :)) requests are open ! cover made by @ureverydayangel // aka. founder of @kotlcgang
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Matchmaking 101 by K1222723
Matchmaking 101by Song Twins RULE!
Sophie, Biana, Linh, Fitz, Keefe, Tam and Dex are all in a huge love knot. With matchmaking coming up, what will happen and who will they choose?
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Impossible (KOTLC Sokeefe Human au) by JustLovePackers06
Impossible (KOTLC Sokeefe Human au)by Karissa Gerard
Sophie is having a normal human life at her private high school, Foxfire, except for one thing... she doesn't have any friends. One day, she goes to school and finds a m...
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KOTLC reacts by sleepybob
KOTLC reactsby :)
The Keeper crew will now react to really random things- like pencils.
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After Legacy by Rsurana216
After Legacyby Rsurana216
This story is about what happens after Legacy, the amazing book by Shannon Messenger. Disclaimer: This is a Fitzphie story, so if you ship Sokeefe, don't read this.
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Aftershock by twinkletoestbh
Aftershockby Ella the Blue Elephant
When Sophie Foster is kidnapped by the Neverseen, the entire Elvin community believes she's dead. For almost a month, her family and friends attempt to cope with her dea...
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Keeper of the lost cities Matchmaking by alicat091609
Keeper of the lost cities Alicat091609
Sophie and her friends have gotten their matchmaking scrolls! Who will Sophie get? Dex? Keefe? Fitz? Valin? when they all go over to Everglen to open them, it could det...
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Stina | ✔ by crayonowl
Stina | ✔by ᴏᴡʟ:☽
Christina Heks is a misunderstood character in a flawed world. Many judge her for what she does, but never ask her why she does it. ❝You don't know me at all.❞ #1 in cha...
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KOTLC Chat by Lumi_21
KOTLC Chatby Lumi_21
The Kotlc CHATROOM !!! With Sophfitz,Keefe X Biana and etc.!!!
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Keeper of the Lost Cities: Soporidine by ilovekotlc
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Anonymous
It's been two years since the Neverseen were taken down. Everything in the Lost Cities has gone back to normal. Or has it? Sophie Foster, now a level 6, believes ther...
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Dark Blaze by Black_Swan_Song
Dark Blazeby Moon sencen
don't be disappointed in me kotlc fandom cover by @lylacxox
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It be like that by MildredRoget
It be like thatby Cupcake uwu
Marella and Stina were enemies turned to friends, and now something more
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Friends? by soumazakis
Friends?by Cherry! ♡
Cherry, a lonely bookworm with one best friend. Time, a raging gamer who rarely comes to school. Luna, Cherry's best friend and her 'translator' when it comes to complic...
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Maruca, Unfiltered by mythicalisforreal
Maruca, Unfilteredby mythicalisforreal
These are a collection of stories about Maruca before she met the KOTLC crew. It may include how she met Biana.
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Just some more ships. I know some of you guys may have some more ships so pls comment them so I can add them! Just posting every ship I can think of in The Keeper of The...
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KOTLCexclusive-- All About Stina Heks by VivienMRyder
KOTLCexclusive-- All About Stina KOTLCexclusive
Is Stina a plain bully, or is there more to her than we understand? This book will cover all the bases: Her first impression, major contributions, ships, and where she l...
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"I can't." (A Sokeefe love story) by jkim1223
"I can't." (A Sokeefe love story)by JK Kim
(The elves are now human, BTW) Sophie Foster is fine with her life. She's more than fine, actually. But when tragedy strikes, she knows she needs to change. But can she...
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