Know Better - A Stydia AU by you-make-me-wander
Know Better - A Stydia AUby you-make-me-wander
Lydia is a single mom and has to move miles away to escape her abusive ex-husband. In a new city, her life changes completely when she meets Stiles, a single, funny, har...
  • stiles
  • stydia
  • alsopackbonding
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Stydia - One-shots by you-make-me-wander
Stydia - One-shotsby you-make-me-wander
A compilation of all my Stydia one-shots
  • stilesxlydia
  • martinski
  • teenwolf
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Mysterious ways by you-make-me-wander
Mysterious waysby you-make-me-wander
Things have been quiet in Beacon Hills for a few weeks now. The pack decides to take some time off from all things supernatural in hopes to get a certain duo back togeth...
  • martinski
  • lydiaxkira
  • teenwolf
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Baby, She's a Wild Thing. by panicattackkisses
Baby, She's a Wild PAKFICTION
"Baby, She's a Wild Thing" is now available to purchase on Amazon Kindle. So it goes like this: This is a story of two twenty somethings, living in the city...
  • stilesstilinkski
  • new
  • wolf
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A Kind of Emotional Tether by LoveIstrengthen31773
A Kind of Emotional Tetherby Hyden Lynch
So really early on I had made comparisons between Shaggy and Daphne with Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf. Obviously they're not carbon copies of one another, Daph is an...
  • shaggy
  • stiles
  • scoobydoo
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Accidentally in Love by omfgstydias
Accidentally in Loveby emily;
Lydia had a rough day so when she calls to rant to her bestfriend things don't turn out the way she planned.
  • stilesxlydia
  • lydiamartin
  • teenwolf
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As fate would have it by you-make-me-wander
As fate would have itby you-make-me-wander
Lydia and Stiles have been sharing an apartment for two years when Lydia is invited to her cousin Jade's wedding. (Not so) Accidentally, Jade is told that Lydia will be...
  • stilesstilinski
  • lydiamartin
  • stilesxlydia
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Teen Wolf - Next Generation by xCityXFallenXAngelsX
Teen Wolf - Next Generationby Angie Chick
Scott And Malia McCall , Stiles and Lydia Stilinski's , Jackson and Ethan Whittemore-Steiner , Liam and Theo all have families of their own who are teenagers and are a...
  • nextgeneration
  • chrisxmelissa
  • stilesxlydia
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Friday I'm in love [English version] || Stydia by obrodenstydia
Friday I'm in love [English Helena ♡
It may have been fate or simply luck, but Stiles and Lydia have to spend a whole night together in the woods all by themselves. Will they be able to put aside the tensio...
  • teenwolf
  • lydiamartin
  • stilesxlydia
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Winter's Wolf ¤ Peter Hale by Emily_Winsett
Winter's Wolf ¤ Peter Haleby Emily Winsett
Winter Storm Stilinski is the twin sister of Stiles, the awkward, clumsy and hyper best friend of Scott McCall. When Stiles drags his sister and best friend to look for...
  • mccall
  • argent
  • lydia
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Stydia One Shots <3 by finnywlfhrd
Stydia One Shots <3by Jemima 🔅
Cute Stydia moments that will surely give you the feels. <3
  • stilesxlydia
  • stydia
  • stilesandlydia
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REMEMBER I LOVE YOU by authorxwrite
REMEMBER I LOVE YOUby Remember•I•Love•You
Lydia is forgotten by everyone, like tiny dust that was dusted away. Lydia was helpless, cold, and depressed that she wasn't with her family. But there was one thing she...
  • slowburn
  • connection
  • stilesstilinski
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