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Born Like This ❤ Derek Hale by _DontFearTheReaper
Born Like This ❤ Derek Haleby _DontFearTheReaper
Cassidy Frey is an outgoing, adventurous, carefree werewolf with a bad temper. When a small pack from California comes and asks her for help, she hurries across the bord...
Death is Not the End by Stilescott24
Death is Not the Endby Kili_Durin
Stiles wakes up to find out that that the nogistune had killed him but how? And how was he still feeling pain? Is he really dead? Will Scott find a way to bring him back...
Teen Wolf imagines  by Min_HaeYeon
Teen Wolf imagines by Sarah
Teen wolf imagine. NO REQUEST! Even though I don't do request anymore, please read it because it's good lol
Shadow (Liam Dunbar Fan.Fic) by imamermaid14
Shadow (Liam Dunbar Fan.Fic)by HAKUNAMATATA
Cielo is broken. She had always been the girl that was brave , strong , and courageous; but now she's just another person in the crowd. When she moved to Beacon Hills to...
And Then Everything Changed // A Teen Wolf Fan Fiction by teenwolfslave
And Then Everything Changed // A teenwolfslave
At first it was just Liam Dunbar then I realized he was a lot more than that.
Teen Wolf One Shots by katewichester
Teen Wolf One Shotsby katewichester
#19 in Teen wolf one shots I write one shots about: -Stiles -Scott -Isaac -Jackson -Aiden -Derek -Young Derek -Liam -Deputy Parrish -Theo -Brett REQUESTS ARE OPEN I DO N...
Teen Wolf Stuff by ThatNerdRightThere
Teen Wolf Stuffby Zoë
Pictures, quotes, songs and more
un'amore in città  by Elena3430
un'amore in città by Elena3430
niente di che mi sto solo divertendo
Teen wolf shifting by horny_littleshit
Teen wolf shiftingby SiMp
Hey folks this book is about my script, and kinda my motivation and motivation for you my dear reader so ENJOY📚📚
Model sitting by jessicaswolfpack
Model sittingby jessicaswolfpack
AN : Hi everyone! this is a Dylan O'Brien fan fiction just in case you didn't knew. this is also my first fan fiction so sorry if its written in a weird way .The main ch...
Demons - Stiles Stilinsky by StilesStilinskyasf
Demons - Stiles Stilinskyby StilesStilinskyasf
"Please stop you're scaring me." "Got damn right you should be scared of me."
Falling to Pieces - Teen Wolf Fanfiction by -hubbyshawn-
Falling to Pieces - Teen Wolf -hubbyshawn-
Moving to a new town can be scary, new house,new school, new people. It's difficult to say goodbye to friends that you've known your whole life. But it was time to make...
Smoke and Mirrors [a Stalia fanfic] |on hold| by SizzlingDreamer
Smoke and Mirrors [a Stalia Sizzle Wizzle
[THIS IS A STALIA FANFIC] Malia, Scott and Stiles have been inseparable since childhood, but what happens when Malia's body disappears for 3 years after a car accident t...
Run To Survive by Azaniie18
Run To Surviveby Azaniie
Quand la fin du monde est proche est que tout espoir semble perdu, Stiles fait la rencontre d'un groupe de personne qui pourrait bien changer sa vie à tout jamais. [Stil...
When Winter Falls[Isaac Lahey] by kat_ze
When Winter Falls[Isaac Lahey]by Kat
'"You shouldn't be here Isaac" I whispered, surprised at how my voice shook, " The moon, it-it changes how I act, it makes me do things I wouldn't normall...
Flares || Teen Wolf by xDark_Skyesx
Flares || Teen Wolfby xDark_Skyesx
"In Order To Rise From It's Own Ashes A Phoenix Must First Burn"
Lost {Teen Wolf} by lexyhoran02
Lost {Teen Wolf}by lexyhoran02
What happens when you become the new girl? When you learn new things? When you meet new people? Is it you doing the weird things? Or are the weird things happening to yo...