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sticky notes     [ yoonmin ] by uwunamjoon
sticky notes [ yoonmin ]by maria
guy from apartment 124 with the pink hair is cute as fuck. - y started: 20/02/2018 ended: 13/06/2018 trigger warning: strong language, use of alcohol, smut? lapslock ind...
Stuckony  by millieeeeeeem
Stuckony by millieeeeeeem
Stuckony one shots!!! Requests are open
Dear No One. by SmilingHidesSecrets
Dear No mj bockarie
in which a broken hearted girl leaves stupid sticky notes under a park bench, and a curious boy reads them and replies. [ ten chapters updated everyday :) ]
Define Love by _clingystyles
Define Loveby emma.
in which the popular boy starts to receive notes in his locker, and he's intrigued by them.
sticky notes » m.yg by heyxxij
sticky notes » m.ygby “subo mo na, cha”
i n w h i c h || #1 in which a girl who is deaf and mute constantly give a boy sticky notes to communicate. - book 1 [the title of the book 2 is called "voice reco...
The Mysterious Benedict Society Meets the Mysterious Miss F by Biana4life
The Mysterious Benedict Society BianaLovegood
Reynie Muldoon, Kate Whetherall, Sticky Washington, and Constance Contraire are free to be normal children at last! However, there is still one question haunting them: W...
Notes // Mashton by ixtela
Notes // Mashtonby Ixtela
two boys in love in a homophobic world. ♡ -- I wrote this when I was twelve that's why the writing is so bad.
Kronos Unveiled - The Guard by TheSatoPines
Kronos Unveiled - The Guardby TheSatoPines
A short story about a Syndrome's guard that is obsessed with the black sticky balls from the security system of his boss.
I will protect you! by G_CLue
I will protect you!by Mine_1020
She's been betrayed but she's going to trained hard to protect them? Meet Lucy her guild kick her out but she will trained hard to still protect them behind their backs...
Pennywise Imagines by infinityongay
Pennywise Imaginesby multiple gaes
pennywise is hot and needs to be stopped yeah put what I just said in there, and put everything I just said in there
The 20 Dates Challenge by RevivetheReader
The 20 Dates Challengeby RevivetheReader
(a Love Games novel) Going around the grade eleven and twelve boys is a list. The aim: complete the list with the same girl and win bragging rights. When Savannah's best...
The Stonetown Scavenger Squad [A Mysterious Benedict Society Fan Fiction] by Animorpher13
The Stonetown Scavenger Squad [A Jacob
Reynie, Sticky, Constance, and Kate have finally beaten Mr. Curtain once and for all. And to reward them, Mr. Benedict makes them the adventure that they were never able...
Sticky Situation (The A Reports Series) by ItsACatParty
Sticky Situation (The A Reports Kai🌙
Luke has to go on an Academy job to check out a guy. On the upside, Luke gets to sit in on a cooking class he is teaching, on the downside it's a couple class, so he has...
strange pictures of Undertale + Deltarune's basement by oldenspace
strange pictures of Undertale + oldenspace
i stepped on something sticky new pics everyday until i reach 1000 chapters. If you find a uncommon delicacy from their basement, please let me know. with love, olden.
Dirty Love by Blackywhite729
Dirty Loveby David rodriguez
Gay Sex stories
Sticky Note Boy by Autummnn_
Sticky Note Boyby Angelica
It all started at 12:30 at lunch on the second day of senior year. "12:30 - Lunch You never fail to make me smile. ~ A" "P.S - Will you be my girlfriend...
Peppa can be so bad sometimes...   18+ by TheWriterBOOP
Peppa can be so bad TheWriterBOOP
this is a full on fan fik of peppa pig. it does have some smut in it so read if you are 18+ I made this cause I was board
The Mysterious Fanfiction Society by IAMTHEGRAVYQUEEN
The Mysterious Fanfiction Societyby TheFanfictionFanatic
If you couldn't get the pun from the title, the Mysterious Benedict Society is about to get some heavy fanfic! Our four kids are little geniuses, and after their several...
The Eyes Of Me (Interacial Love Story) by Glovergurl
The Eyes Of Me (Interacial Love Akela
The story of akela ( Me ) and he now boyfriend nick. Akela was the quiet girl she stayed to herself except to her best friend and friends. Nick was a jock who enjoyed hi...