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AvA/M randomness I by SmurfettePines
AvA/M randomness Iby ChristianNightcore💖
This will just be a bunch of (platonic and Romantic) oneshots, humanized fanart, AU, and other stuff (mostly other stuff) There will be some angst (jk a LOT of angst), s...
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heyokyay Comics by islieb
heyokyay Comicsby islieb?
Comics about life, love and all the crap in between. (:
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StickFigures X Reader: More Than Just Drawings by BlazEllIce
StickFigures X Reader: More Than EllenGraceOlesco
These guys belong to Alan Becker in YouTube. I only own the story. Now their names will be said through the story... You are a teenager who lives alone in a house. Thoug...
 [ Come To Life ] by GoodnightGore
[ Come To Life ]by Goodnight Gore 医ヺぼ
Come To Life is a story about you, a young girl, just beginning her 20s, as an online animator. You spend your time making animations, and uploading them to YouTube. Th...
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Her (StickFigures X Reader)「An Animation vs Animator Fanfiction」 by whatevfangirler
Her (StickFigures X Reader)「An Brassiere
Alan Becker gets bored from just seeing the boys in his computer and soon adds a girl stickman as new member to their group. The fighting stickmen gets surprised as they...
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AvM Shorts Headcanons + Other things by LavenderLynxr
AvM Shorts Headcanons + Other LavenderLynxr
(No numbers means it's not important or some shiz) Meh this is mostly notes for me about my headcanons, there's a lot.
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Animators & Animatees by BlazEllIce
Animators & Animateesby EllenGraceOlesco
The stickfigures are now back for the Minecraft. This time, they meet unexpected new friends. And the original Animation vs. Minecraft belongs to Alan Becker in YouTube...
Stickman Hero(Bnha x Stickmen) by Darryljolly
Stickman Hero(Bnha x Stickmen)by Writer
A black stickman named Zeke joins the world of Boku No Hero! Join Class 1A and Zeke for an adventure! (All Bnha characters are rightfully owned to Kohei Horikoshi) There...
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A Brand New Color || Stick Figure O.C Story by SunTheGamer
A Brand New Color || Stick .*~A Wild Shipper~*.
I'm tossed on the ground as the explosion sends me flying miles away, I land in a desk-top, crashing it's borders as I'm sent through. I see a person just like me look a...
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animation vs chosen one and animator vs animation 5 or 6 by zack99kid
animation vs chosen one and zack99kid
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The Gilded Side | Gildedguy One-Shots and Short Stories by M_Pennanti
The Gilded Side | Gildedguy M_Pennanti
Just a small collection of some fanfics I've written for none other than Michael Moy's lovable and expressive sticksona: Gildedguy. (Cover art by Michael Moy)
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The New Stick In Town | An Animation Vs. Animator Fanfiction by Crazy_Peeper
The New Stick In Town | An Lizzicana
Alan creates a new stick the colour of F/C (Can't be green, blue, red, yellow, and orange). He makes it a girl by adding a bow of a lighter colour because he wants to se...
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team gorby (stick figure x rwby) by HaroldArrons
team gorby (stick figure x rwby)by Harold Arrons
alan becker was watching rwby and left to go get some food meanwhile the stickmen wanted to see what their animator was watching then suddenly they got sucked into the s...
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Stick harem (Animation vs. Animator x Female!reader) by SmurfettePines
Stick harem (Animation vs. ChristianNightcore💖
As the title suggests, this is an "x reader" story I see Red and Blue as girls but I'll genderbend them for this story and I'll turn Sec from aromantic to asex...
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Tagalog Stick Figures Comic Strip - Dreamland Effect by HakaseFantasy
Tagalog Stick Figures Comic HakaseFantasy
Akala ko marunong akong mag-drawing at gumawa ng comic strip. Medyo hindi pala. Hanggang Stick Figures lang ang kaya ko. Alam ko na amateur ang gawa ko, pero sana ay ma...
Stick Nodes SN TRANSFORMATION episodes  by SaberNightmare
Stick Nodes SN TRANSFORMATION SaberNightmare
these are my animations for the origin story of my stick figure
Species Swap by karmakrush
Species Swapby o-ku-shi-mo-ro-n
FateCat was an ordinary stickfigure. That is, until her two greatest enemies (Her shadow and alternate personality) combined forces to send everyone hurling into another...
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Stick Figures by Aypako
Stick Figuresby aypako '
An envious artist goes on the quest to steal the art of his dead buddy but is unaware of the dark history of the drawn pictures and the dangerous presence lurking in the...
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The Lost Memory (Stick Series: Castle FanFic) by HeavenlyAngel03
The Lost Memory (Stick Series: I'm_a_Superstar
You don't remember who you are, where you came from, don't know your parents, etc., but somehow you were in a forest. Soon after, you were taken in by the General who wo...
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Stick Figures. by bbgrl_7
Stick releTAEble
This will be very interesting
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