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bloodlust | steddie by samlovesgwydion
bloodlust | steddieby sam
Finished !!! Vampire Eddie / based on the kas theory a story about eddie coming back as a vampire and still being in love with Steve while battling his vamparic traits t...
Heart Strings (Steddie) by Adrien_Lambert
Heart Strings (Steddie)by Phanic!
Occurs after the defeat of Vecna. In an attempt to have at least a bit of a normal end to a summer, Robin asks Steve to go to a small music festival in Hawkins. ---- &q...
A Rekindled Love (A Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson Love Story) by clairebear107
A Rekindled Love (A Steve Claire.
Steve's always been the jealous one according to the group, according to literally everyone. Even the kid who supposedly praises him. Everyone tells him that he's jealou...
" Guys Don't Like Guys. " (Steddie)  by SteddieMyL0ve
" Guys Don't Like Guys. " ( Violet Haller-Pope
Plot: Time Is After Season 4 But Everything has went back to normal, no destroyed Hawkins, no dead Eddie. Eddie and Steve are both recovered from their injuries yet the...
The Bloody Handed - STEDDIE by netflixaddict6
The Bloody Handed - STEDDIEby Idk
This story is based off of the kas theory. If you don't know what the kas theory is you might wanna look it up but if you don't want to it basically means Eddie might co...
Oh Eddie. by silvervhs
Oh silvervhs
Eddie munson and Steve Harrington have fallen for eachother since the day they met. They have gotten closer over the past few days of trying to defeat vecna, but Steve i...
hot and steddie [steddie smut/oneshots] by gutted_goddess
hot and steddie [steddie smut/ ☆❄︎𝑙𝑦𝑛/𝑙𝑒𝑥❄︎☆
pls comment for requests!! CW: gay stuff💀💀 THIS BITCH GOT DELETED AT 40K😭😭😭
Stranger Things Pirate AU by ethan_hylc
Stranger Things Pirate AUby Ethan
Hi! This story is something that came to my mind and thought I'd write it so lemme know what you think in the comments and if you have any ideas lmk. This is my first t...
Invasion. / // Steddie [] T Steve. by Lafwyou
Invasion. / // Steddie [] T headache
Stranger things. I MOST DEFENETLY DONT OWN THESE CHARACTERS! NEITHER THE PICTURES !!!1! Hey wsp mfs. well by the tittle yk this is steddie and well i decided to make som...
Hypotheticals by cameronexe
Hypotheticalsby eddie spaghetti
Steve thinks Eddie Munson is just a druggie and a freak. Eddie thinks Steve is an unbearable asshole. He also thinks he's a decent influence on Henderson. He also might...
The Sound of Love // Steddie by probably_crying
The Sound of Love // Steddieby oni.munson
A few weeks after beating Vecna, Steve finds himself struggling with nightmares. Again. Little does he know, Eddie is in the same boat. (A/N: Its a bit slow at first, bu...
Steddie Hands, Steddie Heart by robinbuckleyscoops
Steddie Hands, Steddie Heartby robinbuckleyscoops
In which Eddie catches feelings for Steve, who turns out not to be all that bad, and Steve catches feelings for Eddie, who is a lot different than he thought. Steve has...
annoyingly attractive | Steve x Eddie by lokixxhiddleston
annoyingly attractive | Steve x Victoria
*i don't own any of the characters* Eddie and Steve can't stand (living without) each other
To Heal All Wounds by AnnieCarlson
To Heal All Woundsby Annie Carlson
No one knows why, but the dead have returned to Hawkins. Two years after Vecna's defeat, those who were lost have been found, and miraculously healed of all injury. Bu...
Vampire - Eddie Munson by Phantom1819
Vampire - Eddie Munsonby vai💘
MAJOR VOLUME 2 SPOILERS!! Shortly after the Upside Down leaks into Hawkins, the group decides to go back down there to collect data while the creatures and Vecna are des...
Steddie: A Stranger Things Parallel Universe  by james_in_october
Steddie: A Stranger Things james
This is a Steddie fanfic, so do not read it if you haven't watched season four of Stranger Things. It's been a month since Vecna was killed and Eddie was mourned by all...
An Inconvenient Attachment - Steddie by steves_left_shoelace
An Inconvenient Attachment - Eddie Munson Enthusiast
To be honest, if Steve didn't have a royal escort every time he came and left the stables, Eddie would have assumed he was just another noble's child. But he was the pri...
Eddie the Banished & Steve the Babysitter by especialyly_children
Eddie the Banished & Steve the Remy🐀🔥
"You're playing a nerdy roleplaying game with a bunch of 15 year-olds." "Yeah, and?" "It's incredibly attractive."
I hate him~ Steddie  by iluvblackcatss
I hate him~ Steddie by Kayden😓
"I hate him. I hate his stupid hair. I hate the freckles on his face. I hate his puppy dog eyes. But if I hate him so much... why can't I stop staring, can't stop...