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Winter time rose: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader by 221b_blogger101
Winter time rose: Bucky Barnes x Anna Watson
Y/n Rogers, the younger sister of the Captain America, Steve Rogers. Under the use for 70 years with her brother gave her some odd things that didn't seem to transfer to...
Til the end of the Line ( Bucky Barnes X Reader) by Haycee_Marie
Til the end of the Line ( Bucky 🥀💀😈🔪
Savannah Rogers is Steve Rogers twin.They have known each other from the 40s.Then Bucky and Steve go to war.They "Die".When she sees them again together they g...
The Split Sheild | Steve Rogers Sister by KittyPawBook12
The Split Sheild | Steve Rogers KittyPawBook12
1942 Steve Roger had a little sister; Jeannette Rogers. Who gone missing while young Steve believed that she was taken by none other than the enemies of War World 2, Hyd...
Till Forever Falls Apart by Soccerlover58
Till Forever Falls Apartby Soccerlover58
Steve Rogers sister, Evelyn is a very important part of his life, she has been with him through everything whether it was the super-soldier serum or the ice she di it w...
the twins and the soldier by Crystalchildofseagod
the twins and the soldierby Kaya Eaton
steve Rogers wasn't an only child he had a sister. they were twins after all. after the death of bucky Barnes and steve Rogers the remaining twin allowed the government...
Wounded- B. Barnes by abb_sk
Wounded- B. Barnesby Abigail
When Eleanor Rogers was kidnapped by Hydra, they turn her into a heartless machine. But when she gets back to the real world, how will she cope? ----- [bucky barnes x oc...
Lost Love • Bucky x OC x Loki by SuperWalkingThrones
Lost Love • Bucky x OC x Lokiby SuperWalkingThrones
In which Steve Rogers has a half-sister who falls in love with two different men at two different times, both of whom she thinks dies, only to show up alive again later...