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Duty Of Blood | Peter Parker by Fates-of-the-Damned
Duty Of Blood | Peter Parkerby Kat🖤Wild
"This is the beginning of a long journey for you and me." "For our people to be the strongest in our Galaxy, we had to weed out our weak ones." "...
Bullets || Peter Parker by Frayed-Apart
Bullets || Peter Parkerby Fray
"So all he has to do is click his fingers and half the universe dies?" "No snaps for Thanos then". Peter Parker x Male OC sequel to Bombs. set durin...
The True Queen | Arthur Pendragon by AlphaStilinski13
The True Queen | Arthur Pendragonby Alpha Stilinski
No young woman, no matter how great, can know her destiny. She cannot glimpse her part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, she must live and learn...
Marvel smut  by miya722
Marvel smut by Literallyhere
A lot of kinky imagines of your favorite marvel characters I'll take requests All right go to marvel as I don't own any of the characters except the one that I add.
Peter parker sickfick oneshotbook by thehundredfandomgirl
Peter parker sickfick oneshotbookby scribbelinshenanigans
a collecton of Peter Parker oneshots (Updated version on ao3)
Lost in Reality | parker ¹ by nocturnalamp
Lost in Reality | parker ¹by ˗ˏˋ 𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙖 !ˎˊ˗
"I'm sorry that my unexpected fall has caused inconvenience to your life because trust me, I'm not having a good time either!" She fell from one world into a p...
His Sister by LunaMoonStar2003
His Sisterby Eclipse
It's my book based on the Avengers but with my plot plan Short story Tanos doesn't exist Loki is good and was controlled by someone else Pietro is alive The Avengers...
Daughter of falcon.  (Sam Wilson x child! Reader) by Niablack4311
Daughter of falcon. (Sam Wilson Niablack4311
Bliss is different She lives with her abusive mom and her moms boyfriend She is 10 Her father doesn't even know she is alive But that all changes in 1 day BIG TRIGGER...
Tired of being alone.  by Red-Freckled
Tired of being alone. by King
After Dr. Strange cast the spell that made everyone forget who Peter Parker was, he was left alone. Until he finally reached out to his old Mentor. Tony Stark. Will he...
Lights → Doctor Strange by Lady_Loki_00
Lights → Doctor Strangeby | Lou |
"Doctor Strange." "You know my name?" "You were my last hope." After western medicine failed her, Riley Harper started looking for...
Multiverse Of Magic - sequel to Wandavision First Born by fanficentral
Multiverse Of Magic - sequel to C
It's been almost two years since Wanda Maximoff defeated the witch Agatha Harkness and gave up her home in Westview, but for her daughter it's been a matter of seconds...
Sorry, Wrong Number; but here to help by Flickering_Fox
Sorry, Wrong Number; but here to Flickering_Fox
Peter is a smart teen, his grades at the well respected Midtown High could attest to that. But everyone makes mistakes, Peter's was texting the wrong number. Hurriedly t...
✓ | heroes ⇢ marvel gif series  by sugarkanes
✓ | heroes ⇢ marvel gif series by 🌾 saar
HEROES. | ❝ you get punched; punch them back. you get killed; walk it off. ❞ heroes marvel gif series may 2017 - december 2018 © | sugarkanes 2018
Avengers watch future/past by GrayOleander
Avengers watch future/pastby GrayOleander
Avengers watch the future and the past to prevent infinity war and endgame also ships, fanart, and other things. not all characters are from the same time
Avengers React to What If: Zombies by Incrediblygrassy
Avengers React to What If: Zombiesby Incrediblygrassy
A bunch of the characters from the MCU are brought together to marvel at what could have been their world if a virus had invaded it. All through the Songs on Aaron Frase...
Marvel Imagines by lietogrande
Marvel Imaginesby 🤍
Stories about MCU characters. That sums it up right?
Spiderman One-Shots Book by ScarletWitch03
Spiderman One-Shots Bookby SpiderFan
**On Hiatus** Just what the title says! This is my first book, so I'm open to comments and reviews! This book may include: -Identity reveals to Avengers -Identity reve...
Loose Threads by Mak-and-Cheese
Loose Threadsby Sir Sharks
Ace is a street kid. He accels at stealing and keeping to himself. Until one man with a steak knife uproots his carefully built life. He is taken hostage as bait for th...
Brutal | Peter Parker by maIiatates
Brutal | Peter Parkerby robyn
Davina Coleman doesn't like sharing with Spider-Man, but the two have to figure out a way to work together for the sake of the neighbourhood. However, putting up with Sp...
Their Missing Piece: An Avenger's Soulmate Story by MillieBear1372
Their Missing Piece: An Avenger' MillieBear1372
ABANDONED FIC - WILL NOT BE COMPLETED I don't own any of the characters apart from the Carter triplets and their storyline. At the age of thirteen, the a soulmark appea...