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A Little Too Much Stiles? by erind4
A Little Too Much Stiles?by Erin
Derek becomes feral and is super protective over Stiles. He won't let anyone come near either of them, Scott's learned his lesson once. Stiles doesn't know how to feel a...
As Pack Mom, I Need Everyone To Laugh At My Jokes by Hufflepuff909
As Pack Mom, I Need Everyone To Radical
Stiles didn't ask for this, but that didn't mean he didn't want it. He loved the Pack with all his heart, but Derek, not so much. He was an asshole, he may have a good r...
Unsteady | Sterek by Bekka911
Unsteady | Sterekby Bekka
He isn't okay. Then again, he hasn't been okay for a very long time || COMPLETED ||
Baseball Bats and Sour Wolves by erind4
Baseball Bats and Sour Wolvesby Erin
Derek is cursed with some sort of spell, and for some reason only responds to Stiles as a result. He tries to attack everyone else, even his Alpha, he's also acting supe...
I Would Fake Forever With You(Sterek) by Halevetica
I Would Fake Forever With You( Halevetica
Derek Hale is the black sheep of the family, always has been. That's why he moved to Seattle. Now he's got a job he loves, a nice apartment with an incredibly hot and en...
Stiles Stilinski, Spider-man of Beacon Hills by reesesd1191
Stiles Stilinski, Spider-man of Reese
Stiles fled to the big apple after he was possessed- he couldn't handle it, knowing that he was the one who killed Allison and Aiden. There, he gets bit by a radioactive...
I Will Always Love You No Matter What(Sterek)(Age regression) by Scottyboi15
I Will Always Love You No Matter Baby Boy
Stiles is a little, but nobody knows and he wants it to stay that way. He's in love with Derek and things are starting to get complicated for Stiles when he suddenly hav...
Fools ||Sterek|| by elfinax
Fools ||Sterek||by Irina
"Only a fool would fall for me!" "Well than I guess I'm the biggest fool there is." Stiles was just a mere human among his supernatural friends. But...
Tears Don't Fall - Sterek by rainbow_hersh
Tears Don't Fall - Sterekby Court x
'So tell me how do you know? How do you know if you're still dreaming?'
Mafia's Mate by SnehaBansal426
Mafia's Mateby Sneha Bansal
I was inspired for this story from one shot of sterek by stylesapril please check it out. I was so fascinated that i thought about tooth rotting fanfic so here i am.
[Teen Wolf] Text Me? by ThePhoenixAshes
[Teen Wolf] Text Me?by ♡Sparky♡
So what happens when Stiles accidentally texts Derek instead of Scott? What happens when the magical group chat is created? OoOoOoOoo. Also I suck at descriptions Cast: ...
Props To The Chef (Sterek) by fandom_trash24
Props To The Chef (Sterek)by fandom_trash24
Stiles Stilinski, fresh out of Culinary School, just got his dream job. A personal chef. When he gets hired to cook for a wealthy elderly couple in Beacon Hills, he has...
Imprinted [Sterek] by SepticGirliplier
Imprinted [Sterek]by Hanna
Stiles never fit in with all of the other kids. He was, well he wasn't that different, he was just like them. People did call him Wolf Boy though... It seemed that every...
Hero (Sterek) by Teton35
Hero (Sterek)by Mallory
NOT MY STORY Stiles never really considered himself a lonely person, but after the whole showdown with Gerard nobodys ever really been ok. However things only get more c...
Sterek One-Shots Book by DaddySatan24
Sterek One-Shots Bookby Daddy Satan
Basically just a bunch of cute Sterek AU's.
Black Love [SUPERWOLF] by Bara_O_Shukketsu
Black Love [SUPERWOLF]by Bara_O_Shukketsu
The only family he had left. was his Father - or so he thought. Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf nor Supernatural.
Give Your Heart a Break [Sterek] by GoodDeeds
Give Your Heart a Break [Sterek]by GoodDeeds
In which Stiles is a seer and gets prophets, information or future events while he's sleep, through his dreams. The pack needs him, but so does Derek.
More Than One Option by danny_boi
More Than One Optionby danny_boi
Cross-over between... Once Upon A Time and Teen Wolf.
sexy Little Thief by kholdest17
sexy Little Thiefby kholdest17
Warning! Consists of dub-con extreme sexual content with quite explicit vocabularies that somehow leads into cute sweet mushy feelings that will rot your teeth. Kids, do...