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Demi Lovato Is My Stepsister by demilovato0820
Demi Lovato Is My Stepsisterby demilovato0820
Hey guys! It's a long story about Demi Lovato and her everyday life. I've read a story one time a long time ago. It really got me, but I didn't find it again. If you ar...
My New Step Siblings by jungoos-babybiss
My New Step Siblingsby bissbissbiss
Anna is a 16 year old who lives with her mom, one day her mom decides to move in with her fiancé who Anna has only met a couple of times. How will Anna feel once she fin...
Mysterious Mafia Step siblings by TigerKitti7
Mysterious Mafia Step siblingsby TigerKitti7
well as the title you all know that it is going to be step siblings so yn is innocent,kind,cute,childish.But behind this she is scariest and most powerful mafia queen an...
But you're my brother // George Weasley by wslygirl
But you're my brother // George ᴜɴɪǫᴜᴇᴏʀɴ
R18 "Now be a good girl and get on your knees" "But I'm your sister" "You're not my sister Heather!" He pulled my hair and kissed me hard...
BTS step sister [FF] || (Slow Update) by Cr1msonDarling
BTS step sister [FF] || (Slow Chiisan
Hi im name is Y/N L/N but my name now is Kim Y/N i live with my mom and i have depression and my father died 13 years ago in a car crash and thats when my parents also l...
mafia stepbrother BTS FF by RajiM2
mafia stepbrother BTS FFby Raji M
park y/n a 18 years old girl and heartless girl have many secret ,have a sister .bts most dangerous mafia what happen when they becomes a sibling will know their secret...
In Our Hearts by lixiavia
In Our Heartsby Lia V.
When Malorie's step-sister Stephanie hears that Billionaire Ethan Moore has been in a tragic accident. Stephanie quickly backs out from marrying him after hearing that h...
step brother  by outerbanks4ever
step brother by outerbanks4ever
rose had y/n when she was a teenager, she was young and alone considering you grew up without a dad. when you were 7, your mum met ward. by the time you were 10 ward...
Brotherly Love (+18) by thelifeofliyah
Brotherly Love (+18)by ladybug<3
I looked over at her, her eyes still fixed on the movie. Her midnight black hair stops right before her breasts which were still covered by the comforter but I could see...
Ashes of Cinder by Hpalwaysss
Ashes of Cinderby Write For Love
[Yandere x Reader] Loosely based off of Cinderella || Where the godmother wasn't really a fairy godmother, but a man who was obsessed with the naive, yet kind girl.
In Love With Mr. Billionaire by blooming_rose18
In Love With Mr. Billionaireby Analia Rainne
Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mot...
My Bestfriend's Dad (ON HOLD) by MydearWolf
My Bestfriend's Dad (ON HOLD)by Gigi
Cece secretly had a crush on her best friend's dad ever since she was fifteen. Even though they tell each other everything, Cece has never admitted to her best friend Ke...
Going back by BlueStarrySky1
Going backby BlueStarrySky1
Up until she was seven, Iris had an amazing life. She had wonderful parents, kind and protective brothers and many friends at school. However, that all changes when her...
The Contract  by Btsfan_4eva
The Contract by ell_writess
Previously known as Married to my sister's fiancé "Are you......Emily Jones? The biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" The lawyer asked and I nodded. He...
STEPBROTHERS || BTS FF || by blackprincz
STEPBROTHERS || BTS FF ||by blackprincz
Y/n, a 17 year old has trust issues!! She moves out of the country with her mom and struggles to adjust there with the language .... What happens when Y/n finds out that...
New family  by Tyler1920
New family by Tyler1920
Edward Hunt is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must f...
Mafia Step-siblings [BTS FF] by avbcxyz
Mafia Step-siblings [BTS FF]by Choi 욘존
"Mark my words 'WE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL" She turned around and looked at them with a very cold gaze and spoke in the coldest tone ever "What...
Playing Heart Games by YemiEverest
Playing Heart Gamesby Yemi Everest
Violet is good. Axel is not. When Violet's mom gets married and Violet is tossed into upper-class society, she stays positive. Until her boyfriend cheats on her with her...
stepbrothers (bts ff) by june_ff
stepbrothers (bts ff)by JUNE
A girl with mystery , had a bitter past. No one knows it, except her mother & her 4 best friends. A mafia helper she is ,know by her mother. An oath she took, to take...
Hood Cinderella  by its_ya_girl_tete
Hood Cinderella by Itsyagirlteetee 💜
Read to find out No this story will not be exactly like Cinderella it's different with a twist☺️
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