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Broken Beginnings (A Star Wars: Clone Wars fanfic) by Lexa_Skywalker
Broken Beginnings (A Star Wars: Lexa_Skywalker
Anakin has moved on from Ahsoka leaving the Order and is continuing his life as a Jedi, until one night he saves a mysterious girl from an attacker. Determined to find...
  • anakinskywalker
  • tvshowfanfic
  • alternateuniverse
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Star Wars Characters X Reader by Willowyn_Stark
Star Wars Characters X Readerby Ahoshla Vas
REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED I'll take requests (NO SMUT) for character x reader from: •Star Wars Prequels •Star Wars Original Series •Star Wars the Clone Wars •Star Wars R...
  • wolffexreader
  • starwars
  • cadbanexreader
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Star Wars: Scars by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars: Scarsby Christie
"The greatest of men are those with a thousand scars. Because great men are forged in the healing of a thousand wounds." Clone Trooper Assasin Creed has spend...
  • sciencefiction
  • empire
  • soldier
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Star wars clone wars : Ahsoka tano x male reader  by thedarklord86
Star wars clone wars : Ahsoka Darklord86
A star wars story to fill up the lack of Ahsoka tano x male readers stories out there This will contain a dark side/light side reader with guns, knifes, black lightsabe...
  • starwars
  • cool
  • darkside
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When I'm Gone by buckyallen
When I'm Goneby buckyallen
When Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, Anakin and Rex share worry for her, not knowing if she's even alive. Later, they find out she's...
  • starwarsclonewars
  • starwars
  • savetheclonewars
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If It Ended Differently by GraceBeard
If It Ended Differentlyby Alpha_12
What if the Republic and the Jedi's had won the war?? Order 66 would have never happened. So how would the Ghost crew meet one another?? How would Ezra be found and tra...
  • ezra
  • jedimaster
  • anakin
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Ahsoka + Anakin OneShots by harleyquinn283
Ahsoka + Anakin OneShotsby Harley Quinn
Anisoka oneshots Enjoy!
  • oneshots
  • clonewars
  • starwarsclonewars
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Some Day Soon by dinuiparjai
Some Day Soonby Dinui P
Ahsoka Tano left the order. But she wasn't alone. No, with her was a secret that she had been hiding for months, until the time came that she couldn't anymore. The journ...
  • luxsoka
  • starwars
  • luxoka
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Phantom's Family by GraceBeard
Phantom's Familyby Alpha_12
A modern day fanfiction. A family of seven move to a town and meet a kid known as Phantom on the first day. Little do they know, the kid lives on the streets. When they...
  • sabine
  • starwarsclonewars
  • kanan
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The Secret Child (A Star Wars the Clone Wars Fanfiction) [On Hold] by RogueRebel-501
The Secret Child (A Star Wars Rogue Rebel
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Duchess Satine hold a history together, but after that one mission, the duo lost touch. Until rumors flew about the Duchess supposedly creating an arm...
  • fanfiction
  • obi-wankenobi
  • starwars
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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano, Growing Up With Jedi by photography14
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Minx
In this version of her life, Ahsoka Tano was left on Dagobah after stowing away. In this story; six year old Ahsoka Tano gets left behind after a troop of Togruta men ta...
  • wattys2016fanfiction
  • starwars
  • ahsokatano
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Cad Bane's Apprentice [On Hold] by RogueRebel-501
Cad Bane's Apprentice [On Hold]by Rogue Rebel
Her parents gave her to the bounty hunter in order to spare their lives, but being a bounty hunter he killed them anyway but took Skysati as a trophy. Sky continued look...
  • star
  • anakin
  • clone
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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Wolfpack Declassified "Prologue" by CommanderWolffe
Star Wars The Clone Wars: CC-3636
The first of several top-secret, high-clearance required, completely classified missions involving the Wolfpack Squadron, (a division of the 104th Battalion), led by Bat...
  • starwarsrebels
  • starwars
  • starwarsclonewars
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The Realm Hero Chronicles: Round 2 by AlainaPost122515
The Realm Hero Chronicles: Round 2by Alaina Post
Is the fight truly over or has it just begun? Things seem peaceful in the realms following the Realm War. At least that's what a majority of the Realm Heroes, now the Gu...
  • mtr
  • dannyphantom
  • ninjago
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Knowing The Ropes by GraceBeard
Knowing The Ropesby Alpha_12
Kanan, Anakin, Hera, Zeb and Sabine were on a mission that, to their dismay, turned out to be a trap. Now they were being transported by the Empire to be locked up in a...
  • jedimaster
  • chopper
  • zeb
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The Realm Hero Chronicles by AlainaPost122515
The Realm Hero Chroniclesby Alaina Post
It all started with a gift and then tragedy struck. No one, not even the Lions saw it coming: The beloved heroes of Chima taken away by a mysterious portal. The hero...
  • legendsofchima
  • therealmsunite
  • disney
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A love never seen by AlphaMidnight07
A love never seenby Hope Destiny
Master Windu and Gallia are sent on a mission, What will happen when love starts to show?
  • adigallia
  • starwarsclonewars
  • winduxgallia
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Star Wars Clone Wars Rp Book by ArcherGirlDaisy
Star Wars Clone Wars Rp Bookby Daisy the Jedi Knight
the title says it all
  • planets
  • starwarsclonewars
  • starwars
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RWBY: The Clone Wars by AaronPhelps
RWBY: The Clone Warsby Crossover Studios
Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon along with Clone Commanders Cody and Wolffe have been teleported to Remnant. Specifically, Vale and Atlas. Team RWBY has also be...
  • starwarsclonewars
  • lieren
  • obiwankenobi
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Rebels: Ahsoka's Reality by The_Guy_With_Variety
Rebels: Ahsoka's Realityby Hayden Bryant
Premonitions. Ahsoka Tano has discovered that her former Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker, turned to the Dark Side and is the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Upon her initial...
  • ahsokaandanakin
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