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Stoah by Flawlesslyyy
Stoahby Flawlesslyyy
Star is a 20 year old trying to balance her issues with everything she goes through but what happens when she meets 22 year old Noah Brooks?
  • stardavis
  • stoah
Stoah Story  by agorgeousgirl_
Stoah Story by agorgeousgirl_
Star is a 19 year old girl from Pittsburgh that lost her mother when she was a kid she found her sister and also met a girl Alexandra Crane they were on the road to Atla...
  • drama
  • noahbrooks
  • simonedavis
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Sky Davis  by star_biggest_fan
Sky Davis by star_biggest_fan2.0
I'm the daughter of star Davis and this story is from mainly my POV
  • staronfox
  • alexandra
  • stardavis
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Sparkle and Shine ➮Star by BambiiGalaxy
Sparkle and Shine ➮Starby - nuket0wn
[ s e a s o n 1 ] HIGHEST RANKING #1in staronfox #5 in stardavis #2 in sparkle #6 in quincybrown Sparkle or Winter has got one of most beautiful voices and she has th...
  • fanfic
  • celebrity
  • dangerous
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Broken by TakeThreeFanPage
Brokenby Micah Washington
Alexandra Crane and her little sister Alani, run away to Atlanta with Alex's best friend, she met on Instagram to start a girl group.
  • queenlatifah
  • alexandracrane
  • simonedavis
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Twilight Saga: STAR  by STARismadonnabitch13
Twilight Saga: STAR by Queen of mean
JACOB BLACK X STAR SWAN Being the white girl with curly blonde hair was not easy for STAR she was part quileute her father was the police chief of the town her best fri...
  • mate
  • cullen
  • jaspercullen
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Regrets by ryandestinyedits
Regretsby ryandestinyedits
Alex and Derek Jones are a happily married couple. Everything is so perfect until one night when Star Davis (Alex's best friend for 3 years) confesses her feelings to Al...
  • stalex
  • bestfriends
  • stardavis
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Break Yo Chest  (STAR) by skyreads12345678
Break Yo Chest (STAR)by skyreads12345678
"Bitch please I am the definition of savage. " [Season one] [OC x ?]
  • staronfox
  • simonedavis
  • beckyg
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THE PERFECTIONIST by -OfRoyaltyAndShadows
  • legacies
  • alexandracrane
  • stardavis
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Star Gif series  by milamila82301
Star Gif series by milamila82301
mostly couple stuff
  • stardavis
  • simonedavis
  • star
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Star | Gif Series by a-boogiewitdahoodie
Star | Gif Seriesby -ˏˋ s i e r r a ˊˎ-
  • carlottabrown
  • amiyahscott
  • cottonbrown
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UNLOVE ME [STAR] by InesRose_
Alexandra Crane is a young independent producer of music, who try to escape from her father's control. One night, after an argument with her boyfriend, she goes to a bar...
  • ryandestiny
  • judedemorest
  • lgbt
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Finer Things ➮Star by BambiiGalaxy
Finer Things ➮Starby - nuket0wn
[s e a s o n 2] [s t a r] Marleen Rivera is a 19 year old SoundCloud artist with no father and a crackhead mother. She's always been taken care of by her best friend's f...
  • saweetie
  • fanfic
  • romance
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STAR and SHINE book 1 by STARismadonnabitch13
STAR and SHINE book 1by Queen of mean
SHINE is attracting more attention then her sisters STAR and Simone and she is getting the attention of a local racial activist and a pro NFL football player Dereck X OC...
  • savestar
  • staronfox
  • mature
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Destiny•Star by G0ldenkey
Destiny•Starby KEYKEY✨
"everything I do, I do it with a passion" [Star Season 1] [ocxno one]
  • leedaniels
  • kehlani
  • jahilrivera
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Star ▹ The Get Down by wavyonce
Star ▹ The Get Downby ㅤ
❝we're just a couple of kids with an overactive imagination❞ [the get down: part 1 - 3] [star au] [oc x oc] [oc x shaolin fantastic]
  • michaeljackson
  • simonedavis
  • stardavis
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Love or Not by DaniaMcbride
Love or Notby Star cast
My bio
  • lukejames
  • noahbrooks
  • navaehdavisbrooks
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The Life Beyond {A Dalex Story} by ryanryders
The Life Beyond {A Dalex Story}by ania💫
It's Been Two Years Since The Brutal Shooting At Derek & Alex Wedding. Rumors Have Been Spread Around Social Media Of What Happened & Take 3 Has Been In The Dirt Since...
  • children
  • marriage
  • derekjones
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Alaïa-Jude Davis aka Jude aka Aj,is the 7 year old daughter of Star Davis. She was always around her mom and never liked to be around others. She Didn't have friends bec...
  • simonedavis
  • alexcrane
  • staronfox
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