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What Are We? | Star vs the Forces of Evil by StarryEyedButterfly
What Are We? | Star vs the Starry Myst
When Star left Earth, some things were left unsaid. She admitted the feelings she had for Marco, knowing that he may not feel the same way. Now, they are reunited, and M...
Can Love be Electric? - Spaceman by nightslegacy
Can Love be Electric? - Spacemanby nightslegacy
Avery was always quiet during the mystery at KISS World, and she only talked when needed. When she returns later on her own to only run into a certain electrical band me...
How Love Works | Star Vs The Forces Of Evil by SuperAllstar16
How Love Works | Star Vs The SuperAllstar
When star gets rejected by Oscar, Star is trying her best to look on her bright side. Her best Friend Marco Diaz, is also helping her. But when they have a thoughtful co...
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demon by nightslegacy
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demonby nightslegacy
Flare is one hell of a girl. Some people call her a wildfire. Her and the rest of the Gang return to KISS World and sparks reignite. Will it be blissful or to strong to...
Scooby-Doo meets KISS by nightslegacy
Scooby-Doo meets KISSby nightslegacy
What happened to the Scooby Gang, KISS, and My Character at KISS World. Precursors to my stories.
Take A Look through A Cat's Eyes - Catman by nightslegacy
Take A Look through A Cat's nightslegacy
She never was the type to ever fall in love. Or so Jewelie thought. Once a certain Cat changes her world or just reveal her true world. *I don't own any of the pictures...
Dating KISS by Ghostgirl1115
Dating KISSby Ghostgirl1115
Harley meets KISS becoming very close to the band. One day her parents die in a car crash and they take her in. Soon Romance brews between her and the band. Who will she...
Just Look to the Stars - Starchild by nightslegacy
Just Look to the Stars - Starchildby nightslegacy
Starchild and Micah only met when the Scooby Gang help KISS defeat the Destroyer but that isn't the end of their journey. What ever happened to the Crimson Witch from KI...
The story of Erica Carr, the drummer for KISS (KISS fanfiction) by AeroLover21
The story of Erica Carr, the Becky
After founding Memeber Peter Criss exites the Band KISS they need a replacement, after much fighting, they find there new drummer. Erica Carr, a young talented girl drum...
Ask PAUL MASSACRE by DemRosesBeRed
ask, it's just like ask the fox hee
Sparks Fly (A Paul Stanley Fanfiction) by MoonWalkerFan1998
Sparks Fly (A Paul Stanley emily
The band KISS were doing a show in Florida when Paul meets a girl who is shy and has trouble making friends.
The Catman & his Demon by DemRosesBeRed
The Catman & his Demonby DemRosesBeRed
Thousands of years ago, there were humans who were born with extraordinary powers... They were born different and lived in hidden locations of the Earth... Whether above...
Scooby doo and kiss: The Demon finds love by garmstrong3961
Scooby doo and kiss: The Demon garmstrong3961
*Thorn is gonna be demons love. 😊 It was Thanksgiving and the Scooby gang were called to help solve the mystery at OakenHaven, Massachusetts. The rumor is that it's bei...
Shut Up And KISS Me by LilMunchkin01
Shut Up And KISS Meby LilMunchkin01
Neil Bogart convinces the band KISS to spend some time with a photographer he hired so they can get the best pictures for their album and for publicity. They didn't expe...
Shaggy's Showdown Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock n Roll Cat Man X OC Alexis Part 4 by destinycopley13
Shaggy's Showdown Scooby Doo and Chasity Copley
After six years pass the Scooby gang run into the Kiss band once again but this time on a horse ranch that appears to have a haunted town. Can they solve the mystery bef...
The Star Covers by RaeDroid
The Star Coversby RaeDroid
Katherine moves to the city of St. Johns with a passion to become a world famous musician. On her first day of school, she meets three girls Tanya, Veena, and Cassie who...
Making KISStory (1980-2000) by AeroLover21
Making KISStory (1980-2000)by Becky
In 1980 drummer Peter Criss is out of KISS and Erica Carr takes a chance. But Gene dosn't want a girl in the band. "Look Princess,this is a successful band, you c...
Cyber Chase Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock n Roll Cat man X OC Alexis Part 5 by destinycopley13
Cyber Chase Scooby Doo and Kiss Chasity Copley
1 year after meeting up again on the farm and staying together the group are back again together in an all new adventure. Cyber space! Come along with the group again fo...
It has been 16 long years since Peter,Beth and Singer left the small town of Greenwood. They come back for the remembrance of Tommy Thayer, Singers decist best friend...