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The Magical Misadventures of Marco Diaz by littleannierooney
The Magical Misadventures of Annie Rooney
Marco is trapped in a twisted alternate dimension. The only way out is to defeat Hekapoo and get back his dimensional scissors. This is the story of what happened during...
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Head Over Heels|| Rigel x Reader || Star Vs The Forces Of Evil (SLOW UPDATES) by _pamelita_
Head Over Heels|| Rigel x Reader | Pamela ✨
Y/N was a total normal girl with a dad 'Marco' and a mother'Jackie', unless you count how her dad's friend was a magical queen, yes 'Star'. Y/N always saw her and her...
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Daddy Tom (tomco story) by bloodylexi
Daddy Tom (tomco story)by the mad hatter
this is a story about tom and Marco into daddy kinks (I don't own the show ... I'm a big fan of star and the forces of evil) "daddy! " Marco whine out "...
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Star and the Forces of Evil *One Shots!* by LastMinuteCosplay
Star and the Forces of Evil *One Oliver 先輩
Every chapter is going to be different! these are just little one shots and they can be anything!
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Star VS The Forces Of Evil (My Own Season 3) by SeleneSpina
Star VS The Forces Of Evil (My Cara Pony Kipps
(So this series will continue from the last episode of Star VS The Forces Of Evil where lastly, Star Confessed to Marco and then she just ran upstairs saying bye to ever...
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funkyWebs Yandere! X Marico by TheKittyQueen101
funkyWebs Yandere! X Maricoby Tony snapped
pay back is sweet like cola ; ) and stars blood
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Starco by cal-el-chris
Starcoby Christopher cooper
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