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The Keeper by deetinygirl
The Keeperby Dee
They said that weirdmagadeon was the end. The end of the world... The end of gravity falls... The end of normal... And then... ...
Meeting him again (bill x reader) by Fantasyforthewin
Meeting him again (bill x reader)by Fantasyforthewin
Y/n l/n thought she would never see him again. But when she meets Pine's family, everything that she wanted to never happen replays itself, and she can't tell if it's fo...
Not On The Wheel (Bill Cipher x Reader) by alpaca_lad
Not On The Wheel (Bill Cipher x cipher
Y/n "Pines" is shipped up to Oregon with her younger twin siblings to spend the summer in the small town of Gravity Falls. Soon to be a Senior in high school...
Precious (Stanford X Reader) by PhantomhiveAngel
Precious (Stanford X Reader)by Carol¤Chan
Love can last decades, even forever. All started when you two met at that city, New Jersey... A story that tries to make a difference between all the StanfordXReader fa...
Piece Me Back Together by absurdAnarchist
Piece Me Back Togetherby The absurdest of anarchies
After Weirdmageddon, they thought everything was over and Bill was gone for good, but they were wrong. Every time Bill has possessed a being, he left behind traces of hi...
Stan and Ford oneshots by Stanfan_01
Stan and Ford oneshotsby Stanfan_01
Some sweet and fun, others steamy and hot! All of them involving my favorite Pines twins
the day of Alcor the demon of gravity falls by jpete294
the day of Alcor the demon of jordan petersen
in a town called gravity falls two twins came to visit there great uncle and spend the summer there and they learn an secret about dipper that no one knew
The Cipher Wife by thepinkshaimen
The Cipher Wifeby thepinkshaimen
~Everyone knows about the story of Gravity Falls and how the Pines Family and there friends defeated Bill but what we told everyone was a lie~ Hello this is my first boo...
Exposure (during "The Time Traveler's Pig")(S2 SPOILER WARNING) by StanfordPines474
Exposure (during "The Time Why do I fall in love with mu...
(SPOILER WARNING if haven't yet seen season 2) What if Dipper and Mabel's fight over the time tape escalated and not only sent them into the past but also into another s...
Another Gravity Falls Fanfic by JadanDraws
Another Gravity Falls Fanficby JadanDraws
After weirdmagedon Bill was mad at the Stans (mostly Ford) and wanted his revenge for being trapped in a statue (as well as another thing). He first needs to get rid of...
Gravity Falls, UNDERTALE, and Invader Zim AUs and AU starters! by CaptainFlagMaster
Gravity Falls, UNDERTALE, and River
I'm just putting this here to dump it because I thought that I should. Perhaps I'll take some of these ideas and make a story out of it later when I'm bored/blocked.
Where Are You Now by deetinygirl
Where Are You Nowby Dee
(Note this is the sequel to The Keeper) The next generation of Pine twins are here! In a world of magic and evil these new twins have to figure things out that their par...
The Second Summer by hathats
The Second Summerby Cassie :)
(Art by your's truly :) ) When Dipper and Mabel come back for their second Summer in Gravity Falls, they think it'll be just fun in the sun and exploring the forest...
Ford found Stan hurt  now his brother needs his help by TaylorStalcup
Ford found Stan hurt now his Taylor Stalcup
Ford helps Stan with ex boyfriend issues and kidnaping
Stanfords Instagram  by _Ish1_maru_
Stanfords Instagram by Snakeoflies2
" Greetings ! " " Do people still say greetings ? " " I like her , she ' s weird ! " " You ruined your own life ! " ( ALL ART IS...
Broken  by VerySpecialSnowflake
Broken by a writer™
Stanford Pines is a broken man; this much he knew about himself. As he sits alone, sulking in the Shack he'd always wanted, a stranger arrives at his doorstep.
Stan and ford fluff ((gravity falls)) by FIREFLY-KCWOX
Stan and ford fluff ((gravity FIREFLY-KCWOX
Stan brotherly fluff. ((((Warning; Self harm, Suicide PTSD The feels So cute and happy you cry Shit posts; Will be included in some chapters. So be observant; any trig...