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Stains | Completed by StyggianAura
Stains | Completedby StyggianAura
❝the day you'll return, is when i'll write about rainy days and coffee stains.❞ *** Lowercase intended for stylistic purposes. A poetry book. Other information inside. C...
  • poems
  • heartbreak
  • coffee
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Coffee Stains ‣ Mikey Fusco [AU]✔ by IaMmE_Chick
Coffee Stains ‣ Mikey Fusco [AU]✔by official hiatus
He knew her as the shy, cute girl who'd come by everyday after school with the same order and same table. She knew him as the quiet, clumsy nerd that worked at the small...
  • quartz
  • street
  • madisonalamia
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A New Timeline by ComfortableOP
A New Timelineby EpicBoi
An Undertale and BNHA (boku no hero academia) Crossover Will be Told In Sans' Perspective. --------------------------------------------- It was a normal timeline. Sans D...
  • ketchup
  • dust
  • killorbekilled
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Tear Stains by NorskKatt
Tear Stainsby Lukas
This is for a competition between my friends on who can write the saddest fanfic. Any picture I have in this are from google images. And any information came from my his...
  • tear
  • xxslendersproxyxx
  • fanfiction
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Who Said What Now? by SpiritedDreaming
Who Said What Now?by Damia Bowen
A collection of poetry written by me
  • grave
  • depressed
  • stains
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Coffee Stains by courageoustimidity
Coffee Stainsby Dan
delinquent - (noun) 1. a person who is guilty of a misdeed or offense 2. Audrey Nicole Port shut-in - (noun) 1. disposed to desire...
  • coffee
  • imperfectdare
  • stains by hippiegrowshop
#8 The Hippie Grow Shop
Did you know that each strain of cannabis has its own unique aroma and scent? This is caused by the terpenes found within the particular strain of cannabis. Skilled cann...
  • cannabis
  • stains
The Sea Rescue (Part 1) by NigelMurphy
The Sea Rescue (Part 1)by Nigel Murphy
The sea swelled like a gigantic, restless swarm; sea spray flew absolutely everywhere. The wind howled and wailed like a banshee. The small yacht bobbed, swayed and roll...
  • sea
  • four
  • rough
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Stains by Cher-MarieLewis
Stainsby Cher-Marie
She's quite the tomboy. Riley Grey, a 17 year old girl from the suburbs, has a life that's anything but mainstream. It take a turn for the worst, though, when her ex-boy...
  • stains
I'm bored by iluvgleealot
I'm boredby K-was-here
Writing random shit
  • help
  • bored
  • în
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Coffee Stains by clearvanilla
Coffee Stainsby lozzaaa
Dani has a secret. A big one. She shouldn't be alive, but she is and is always on the run. She can never stay in one place too long because people get suspicious. They w...
  • flying
  • airplanes
  • love
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If Looks Could Kill by ScarletteMeek27
If Looks Could Killby Scarlette Meek
  • stuffed
  • stains
  • lipstick
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Coffee stains | Kim SeokJin by jimblr
Coffee stains | Kim SeokJinby Hyung
"Having something in common is one thing, but having my favorite beverage on your shirt is another."
  • fan
  • waitress
  • shop
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Forgotten- a Niall Horan fanfiction by Hollyhan1
Forgotten- a Niall Horan fanfictionby Hollyhan1
Brooke goes half-way around the world, escaping her cougar of a mother with her best friend, Abby. When she gets to summer camp, she makes friends, loses friends, and fi...
  • hannon
  • horan
  • forgotten
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Coffee Stains by CupcakeSimpai
Coffee Stainsby CupcakeSimpai
A short story
  • poetry
  • coffee
  • stains
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stains [ashton irwin] by rippedflannels
stains [ashton irwin]by judy
She couldn't let him go, so she wrote him letters.
  • irwin
  • away
  • ashton
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